Tuesday, May 13, 2008

earthquake in beijing?...sorry, you said where?

"pseudo"-earthquake in beijing...

...when yesterday i was first told of that my immediate answer was:
- "Do you think the chinese government would allow an earthquake here?...come on!"

but, there it was, the side building being evacuated when no one felt the earthquake except a person in the office. then someone started with phone calls and chats on msn and suddenly discover an earthquake happen minutes before...and that 99,9% of the people didn't felt...

so someone in the office calls the building security who says it would be advisable to evacuate the building...then someone is even afraid the building would collapse.
so, we take a look outside the building and we can see the people coming up already.
we call the building's security again, and again they say to evacute.
so we evacuate, but the funny thing is, everybody USE THE ELEVATOR..."come on! spare me!"

once we arrive downstairs there a big cue of poeple in the elevators to come up, but we still go outside. Once outside and after 3 minutes a coleague turns to the CEO and says:
-"so now we cannot work more today, can we go home?"
and the CEO wisely said yes or else he would have to deal the rest of the day with people feeling pseudo-psychological-unreal-earthquakes.

you want my opinion?

is like this...earthquake? what earthquake? an earthquake that almost no one felt (and i still believe no one really felt it), with no fire alarm or any alarm at all in the buildings, that everybody still uses the elevators to go down and no building security personnel comes to every floor to help people go down and make sure the floor is empty. GIVE ME A BREAK!

conclusion is: every excuse, no matter how ridiculous it is, is good to get out of work...that's it.

funny comment: "you should have seen the faces of my colleagues, once we where outside and I said: "so, who wants to take a day leave and don't work the rest of the day?"...you should had seen, if a day leave was discounted from their annual day leaves, you would seen how many would work the rest of the day!?!?....no need to wait, i'll tell you....ALL!"

in the end i want to say thank to all the family and friends who shown concern about me (after listening or reading the news). I'm great...no worries!

ps. the earthquake in beijing, the government said it was a 2.2....

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