Saturday, October 27, 2007

goodbyes and future...

this is the goodbye post!...till january!

from 1st post (click here to check it) to last...

i'm really anxious to go back and meet my family, friends and specially my girlfriend!
i feel fortune to have this opportunity and i feel really happy because i achieved all my goals for this year:
- get the most experience of the internship
- use the opportunity of the internship and launch my international career
- learn chinese language
- travel the most i can inside china

all done!...that's why since i agreed terms with Archway my anxiety about leaving china stopped and started the anxiety to go back to portugal!...can you guess why?

so...for you to know here's my itinerary till my return to china:
- arriving in portugal tomorrow (28th october - 22h45m)
- 8th to 14th november i'll be in england (london and oxford)
- 30th november till 8th december - spain (barcelona, zaragoza and madrid)
- 12th to 27th december - brasil (rio grande de sul)
- middle january comeback to home this year and the next 2 years!

and the thing i feel most more fortune is...

...look who's coming with me to china in january! girlfriend Andreia!
...the moment we decide to come together to china was the happiest moment i had during my stay in china! puzzle will be complete! could i be more happy than i am?


big kisses and hugs to all my family and friends!

... to be continued in january ... nuno, pan bo lin, 潘伯霖

What is the meaning of the chinese flag?

The red color of the flag is the symbol of the revolution, signifying that the political power of the People's Republic of China is achieved through bloodshed and lives laid down by countless revolutionary martyrs who marched forward wave upon wave in the heroic struggles for the revolution. In the upper-left corner of the flag there are five-pointed yellow stars, of which the big one represents the Communist Party of China and the four small ones the people of all ethnic groups of the country. One point of the big star points right up the flag and of the four small ones each has a point pointing towards the center of the big star. This shows that the Chinese Communist Party is the force at the core of the leadership of the Chinese people of all ethnic groups who unite closely as one round the Party. With the color of the stars in yellow this means the great cause of socialism has a bright future. With the flag-staff painted white, that is to suggest flawless purity and loftiness.

surprise party in Archway...for me!!!

first of all i have to thank my chinese friends and workmates of Archway!

yesterday, my last day of internship (but i'm coming back in january) they surprised me with a surprised farewell party! they bought a cake and gave me a card signed by everyone!...i was really touched for this move!...after 9 months working with them, now i consider them my friends and it was a pleasure to work with them and to have the possibility of learning so much from them!


still i want to give a special thanks to the people i work with more:
so THANK YOU: john, alice, joy, lisa, lucy shen, horace, dillon, wendy, cher, lucy sun, susan, sheery, jacky, matthew, peng, mr. li, angela, mike, charles and henry... 潘伯霖

3 things to know about chinese culture

close to the end of this 9 months in china, finally i tell you about 3 curious things of the chinese culture that i've been wanting to tell you for already a long time but never had will enough.

so it goes:

  1. chinese have the terrible habit of spitting any time they feel like (which is a lot of times). this happens everywhere, it's not only in non-big-city environments, in all my trips in china i've seen this! The "spitters" are mostly men but you can also see women spitting as well! It's just a terrible disgusting habit!

    therefore now and then the chinese government or local authorities create some actions and/or laws to try to contain this....but none of which has been successful! here's 2 examples:
    • around march, shanghai local authorities approved some kind of rule that said that the taxis there should have a "spitting-box". you know which was the reason presented by them for that action?...fabulous...they said that since all the taxi drivers keep opening the car window (either they were free, with some customer or stopped) and spit, so the local authorities were concern about the bad image for the tourists and wanted to avoid some situation like: a taxi driver justs opens his car window and spits (without even checking if someone is near - this is absolutely normal) and maybe they can "score" in a tourist....which i can bet you that happen before!
    • for the olympic games the chinese government implemented a new penalty (at least in beijing) saying that whoever gets caught spitting have to pay a fine of RMB 50 (around €5)...but never seen anyone give any kind of warning/notice to the "spitters" my opinion is that this is just another chinese government public image move...

      Note: i have to say that most of this chinese that i've mentioning isn't people with proper education...but still, my guess is, they are more than 95% of the chinese population!!!

  2. smoking!...china is probably the country in the world where the percentage of population that smokes is higher! but the funny thing is: women mostly don't smoke. so this is a cultural issue!...accordingly to my smoking friends the cigarettes are weaker than europe (and you can see here all the famous brands of cigarettes being copied! news on that, this is china!), and the cigarettes packs are really cheap...around €1!
    therefore i see this as a very interesting thing as well, since this is the country where from old ladies around 60 or 70 years old till young persons like 20 years old everyone keeps saying to me "you shouldn't do this" or "you shouldn't eat this, or drink this since is bad for your health...", etc....but the smoking issue, it just goes on and on!

  3. chinese relaxing position: here's something interesting, as you can see in the following photo, this is the chinese relaxing position!.....they eat like this (workers of the buildings on the street), they rest like this, i just haven't seen anyone sleeping like this but i'm sure if i keep searching i'll find on!...
    i tried this position many times...but can't stand more than 10 seconds because is too tiring! lol

well....sorry for the long post, most of you must have notice by now that i don't like to write long posts....but anyway is something that really wanted to tell you for a long time! 潘伯霖

Sunday, October 21, 2007


nothing much to say of the beijing was a well spent day!

just 2 small notes:
- the aquarium is just great!!!...and i had the luck to assist a show with dolphins, a water-lion and a seal...enjoyed a lot!

- all the other animals except the ones in the aquarium and the pandas seem like they are really bad can see the sadness in their deeper-dying-eyes!

anyway....check the photos! (click here for the album)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

official communication!

dear family and friends,

my internship is finishing in October 26th and my flight back to Portugal is on October 28th!....but....

....THE ADVENTURE IN ORIENTAL LANDS WILL NOT FINISH YET.....because....'s my most pleasure to announce that i agreed terms with CTTC Archway (the company where i'm doing my intership)! MORE TWO YEARS OF CHINA FOR ME!

...and the greatest thing is...

...remember i mentioned to you on past a post that i was missing just one peace of the puzzle to make it perfect....

...well, let's say that, when i come back to beijing in january 2008 the puzzle will be complete...

...and it will be even better than this year!!!!


a big big hug and kiss for you all....coming back 潘伯霖

a nice september saturday

a statue in Tienanmen

south part of Tienanmen

well....this post comes really late...but better late then never, right?

this is the photo-documentary of a well spent september saturday afternoon on the south of Tienanmen's square.

a tea demonstration on a street-shop

me, antonio e alexandra went there to explore a hutong (old beijing's neighborhood) and a Mosque (with chinese influence).

me and antonio couldn't resist and we embrace the chinese fashion....or not!

...and we ended up finding a very interesting place...the place where cinema was born in china...the first cinema of china where the first movie was shown to the public....a magical place!

1st cinema of china

hutong on the south on beijing

what a expositor on the front door of a shop

a photo in the mosque

by 潘伯霖...

autumn in beijing

autumn is definitely the best season in beijing!
often you are gifted with a clear blue sky, green and flowers everywhere and the pollution seems far away!

so the everyday bike ride to work that already feels like a therapy (on my way to work is like a slow-wake-up before work, and on the way back it's like a clear-mind-out-of-work therapy).

but on autumn you're blessed with a great feeling and enjoyable temperature!...

...the report of my morning daily trip to work! (click here to see the photos)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

guilin, yangshuo and longshen trip: conclusions?!?

...i felt i "re-born"...
...won 5 years of life...
...took more than 900 photos...

here you have the picture that might summarize my feeling about the trip...

anyone want to join me next time?

by 潘伯霖

longshen...the rice fields

after one and a half relaxing day at yangshuo, the next stop was longshen!

longshen is a incredibly beautiful village (north to guilin) on the hill of the rice-field mountains! . . . it's just something absolutely peaceful!

once arrive there i had probably around a thousand stairs to clime to arrive to the top of one of the mountains...where the view is simply breathtaking!

after hours exploring the rice-fields, village and surroundings...i stopped in sweet small restaurant in the village (which was mostly made of wood and bamboo)!
...the restaurant had a big wood balcony with a great relaxing landscape...nothing more perfect after hours exploring those mountain hills!!!

i will let the photos speak for myself! (click here to see all the photos)

curiosity: check the outfits and the hairstyle of the native ladies in the village...very nice!

so...what do you think about this trip....nice ah!

by nuno, pan bo lin, 潘伯霖

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

yangshuo...a paradise on earth

after half a day in guilin me, anita, reuben and victoria rent a boat to go down the ribber to yangshuo (a small village 90km south of guilin)!

the boat trip was very refreshing despite the small boat and the 3h30m trip!...
the landscapes were amazing and so unusual!

we left guilin on friday early morning and the boat trip took all morning...once arrived in yangshuo awe just put our bags in the hostel, had lunch and went on a bicycle trekking lost in the beautiful'll see what i mean by the photos!

after the bicycle trekking, we had a quick shower and went to the the night fishing with the dark raven-ducks (that's how they call it)...and it's actually quick interesting since the fisherman just drive the boat and the ducks dive in the water and get fish but since they have a tight wire in their neck they can't swallow the fish, so the fisherman picks them up and make them spit the's quite interesting and unusual as well!

for the evening i went to a festival in the river with dozens of bamboo shaft, fisherman, dancers, children, lights...i'm speechless!

just click here to check yangshuo's photo album!

greetz to all, by 潘伯霖

trip to guilin...a "re-born"!

back to the blog after almost one month without any post...i'm sorry!

well, i came back to tell about about my middle september trip to the south of china!
destination: guilin!
date: septembter 13th to 16th, 2007
companions for the trip: anita (my chinese teacher, and a couple o new zealands we met once we arrive there - reuben and victoria)
Guilin in locate in the south province of china - Guangxi!

it's a gorgeous place...that definitely deserves a visit!'s close to yangshuo village and longshen rice fields...that later i'll post for you!

...sorry, but for this trip i will let the pictures speak for themselves!

elephant trunk hill in guilin

a relaxing moment!

just click here to see all the album!

a small bamboo shaft trip around the elephants trunk hill...and a little surprise for you (me speaking chinese! ;) lol)

a walking at night on the street and what do you see?!?!

enjoy it!