Saturday, February 10, 2007

After 4 hard-working days searching for an apartment…we found it !!!


rom January 17th to the 20th I experienced some kind of a house-checking-marathon. We probably saw around 12 apartments and we decided for an apartment at the same condo and building of the other 3 Portuguese (António, Alexandra and Claúdia) already settled down.

My humble apartment has 160 square meters with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen and laundry, and a small storage room! And the rent?...well it’s too expensive, it’s 950 € for all and so I paid 316€ per month!!!... stupidly cheap!

We should thank you our lovely real estate agent - Miss Yang - for all her efforts to find us a perfect house! In one of the days she showed us more than 8 houses in a 10-straight-hours of house checking. She’s been amazing dealing with all the crappy stuff as getting internet, hot water and helping us in all sorts of situations! Each time we found ourselves in situations where we absolutely need to speak Chinese we just call her, explain the situation, and she’s communicate our intentions to the Chinese next to us!


me, david, Yang and nuno (my housemates and my real estate agent)

Ah, and I forget to mentioned that is a close condo in one of the stylish zones of Beijing with 24/7 security! And it is on 12th floor!

So afterwards, and cause we know there were 2 more Portuguese girls (Marta and Susana) coming on Sunday, we reserved an apartment for them on the 17th floor!

Conclusion: we are 9 Portuguese here and 8 of us live at the same building! Me with Nuno and David on the 12th, Susana and Marta on the 17th and António, Alexandra and Claúdia on the 22th. I can assure you that we live IN STYLE!

You can see the localization of my apartment (red spot on the right-upper corner)

the entry door of my apartment's building

the entrance to my of apartment's building

our 24/7 security at 19:00 of a Saturday

my living room

my room

the bathtub in the master bathroom (watch the big window!!! our sight!!!)

再见 (goodbye)

wrote at 28th January


João said...

Olá, Nuno! Boa sorte para ti aí em Pequim. Já vi que a moda dos blogs C10 está a pegar. Serei teu leitor com regularidade..

Um abraço para ti, e dá um também ao Larguesa, se o vires por aí!

João (Holanda + USA)

Anonymous said...

viva joão!!!

então como vai isso aí na holanda!!!....

é tal e qual tu dizes...isto dos blogs pegou moda a sério!!!

desejo-te toda a sorte do mundo e que tudo te corra em grande!

um abraço grande, nuno (o euforico ex-shanghai)!!!