Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The amazing, confusing and strangely unstressed traffic in Beijing!!!


ince I first came here that I fell like the traffic is unbelievably confusing.

There are a lot of cars i.e. is not Lisbon or Porto, just to get to the point, Beijing has more than 2 million vehicles!!!

Try to imagine the food chain where, we, humans, are the top of the chain, right? In Beijing traffic that is the least of the truths!!! As a walking person your main tasks is to get away from buses, cars, trucks, taxis and bicycles’ tracks. Basically you have to get away of anything that moves. You’re the meanest specie on the Beijing avenues, streets and sidewalks!

Another curious thing is to understand who has the priority upon who! For example, let’s say you are driving in a big avenue and in the next interception you see a car coming from some small lateral street. In Europe, we should step on and continue in our track calmly. Well, my friends, not here! Here the job of the vehicles on the main roads is to deviate from whoever is entering the master road (cause they just almost don’t care to watch if they can enter the master road, they just do!). So no one should stop the traffic, everyone has to stay away of other’s path.
But a even better curiosity is that, despite the big traffic mess, everybody is whistling whenever they feel like (on daytime or not), they Chinese drivers seem extremely calm, no one shouts or yells, and just a few say some Chinese words with a smoothly tone of voice!

I already bought my bicycle and cause I leave 4,5Km away of the office I use it every day to get to the office. And as you can see in the video I already had some good adventures in Beijing streets riding my bike!!!
Enjoy the video!...and sorry for those who aren’t Portuguese…cause the video is quite funny!

my best friend in beijing (my bicycle)

Still waiting for your comments…Portuguese and English!...see you all around!

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