Saturday, February 10, 2007

And the first Chinese breakfast was at...Mc Donalds!!!


hen we arrived from the airport (January 23th), I went to a hostel to check in with my housemates’ Nuno and David. In the afternoon, Portuguese embassy was our destination where we picked up contacts of real estate agents to start scheduling meetings with them and get a house of ourselves…but practically speaking we didn’t done anything useful.

Later we meet the other 3 Portuguese that came one week before and we have a nice welcome dinner in a Korean restaurant.

In the next morning when we dressed and went outside, me, David and Nuno, stared at each other asking “where will we have breakfast?”. And a couples of walks later there appeared our answer – McDonalds! And now try to imagine what we ate there? it wasn’t hamburgers, French fries and coke but pancakes and hot chocolate. So it wasn’t that bad!

We ate really fast cause we scheduled a meeting with a real estate agent at 10 hours (I think)!

wrote at 26th January

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