Friday, February 16, 2007

BEIJING...the city

the silk market!!!(where there's everything, all negotiable, all unbelievably cheap!!!)...come and see!!!

Beijing is a giant city…just try to imagine 18 million persons in a city (Chinese authorities official number…but people says that there should be more than 20 million!)!!! has to be giant, right?!?....I mean, the city is so big that it’s divided in 5 different districts. And just for you to have an idea, since I arrived I just been outside Chaoyang district (where I live and work) once, during a morning of the official commercial launching of CTTC Archway ( ) which is the enterprise where I’m working. I will tell more about it in a future post.
a spot on the 3rd ring road on sunday (13 o'clock)

From my point of view, and looking at the map I haven’t seem more than 10% of the city…and I’ve been here for more than 3 weeks….ok, I’m just settling down now and I will started to do some tourism on weekends.

The city is often crowded and there’s traffic during all the day…only at night the streets and roads are empty an you have a small sensation of simplicity!...cause the rest of the time almost everything is amazingly confusing!

bicycles can carry any stuff around here, wanna check?

agree with me now?!?!? :)

During the day I can say that Beijing is not a beautiful city for sure (only beautiful regarding temples and stuff like that). At day time, the city seems like a big gray scenario, the sky isn’t clear and you easily spot the pollution in the air…just look at the sky and see its color (light grey mix with light yellow and light brown….unbelievable…as much as I can explain you still won’t have a clear picture of how is it…the only way is to come here and see for yourselves). The atmosphere is really bad, is really dry, almost no humidity in the air and you have the sensation of inhaling the pollution. At the end of the day and when you wake up, it seems like there’s some kind of dust in your throat. And of course the city is too noisy, I go to work by bike with my MP3 player playing as loud as it can and I still can ear everything around me!

But at night, everything changes, there’s no traffic, the night sky disguised the big pollution cloud but still the air is dry.

even in a black & white photo you can perceive the color's life of the night

(a little note: the air is so dry that we had to buy humidifiers for our house or else it was impossible to our throats to deal with it consecutive days.)

see what i mean ?!

In the night you can see everywhere and all sort of colors…it’s amazing, I can’t describe it to you…there’s always a certain energy in the air that invites you to bars, discos, sidewalks, bike rides, social life…just relax and enjoy Beijing’s night….I love it!....the city has such a big number of offers to you! can do anything you want!

a picture worths more than a thousand words!!!
a shopping mall called The Place

Don’t perceived the wrong impression, despite the written things I’m loving the country and the city…I could only asked more for non-pollution, sun and beach…all the rest is here!

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