Friday, February 16, 2007

Latest news....I'll post again in march

hello my friends and family members!

i just to tell you that i will have now a week of vacations and Andreia is coming tomorrow from Portugal to spent the vacations with me! So i will be with her all the time visiting a lot of things...having some turism!!!

also tomorrow will arrive my dear friend rapazote for 4 days in beijing and them we will live all to shanghai from february 20th to 24th!!!

so....for sure until 24th i won't post anything.....and probably until march!!!.....but after i will re-start posting.....and the first subject will be about my work in Archway!!!!

uno abbraccio a tutti!!!!! Besos!!!!

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Cris said...

Olaaaa! Então, como vais? Pois é, encontrei a Andreia na Fnac e soube que ela te ia visitar. Aproveitem muito! Por cá está tudo normal! Vais ter é um aniversário em grande, dia 18 celebra-se a passagem de ano chinês não é? Senão antes, falamos nesse dia. Beijinhos**