Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Live from flight BA 039, London – Beijing…

…I write to you, all my dear friends and family my very own first post!

Last week has been anxious but at the same time peaceful and quite emotional. I felt a comforting inner harmony experiencing all the goodbyes and excitement of the coming new oriental adventure that kept me awake several hours... well, it’s been thrilling!! It’s time like these you feel the harmful hug of your friends and recognized the real ones. Thanks for the love!
There’s no doubt I will be facing another cultural shock, but what the hell…it’s everything I want, desire and dreamed off. Fortunately, I fell like another big challenge is coming towards me and for sure the biggest one will be the language – mandarin! I can’t to wait to see myself going back to school… and hopefully around October I might be capable of chit-chatting with some of our fellow Chinese brothers!

Right now I’m flying to Beijing an it’s my 8th of my 14 flying hours to arrive. I can’t hide even to myself the excitement of watching the time going by and feel those little cold itches. Turning the page of my life and begging a bright new chapter and what better destination could I asked for to start my international career, the economy’s booster – The People’s Republic China!

Portuguese friends and family, I apologize for writing my 1st post in English but we all agree it’s the world language… anyway I promise to remember my origins and my mother tongue, ok?
You’re all very welcome to comment and participate in this blog! …make it enjoyable, fun and appreciated!

wrote at January 22nd

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