Friday, February 16, 2007

Some interesting things I get to know about the Chinese

Almost all the Chinese that I know (I recognized that aren’t that many, just a couple of dozens), adapt English names. The reason is only because they are people that have a lot of concerns about receiving guests…and I can assure you that they are perfect in it! So because of the difficulty of foreigners to pronounce their Chinese names, an English name was chose and adopt by almost all of them. Thus, I have a john, leo, jay, alice, joy, cher, susan, wendy, mike, among others in the office.

Another interesting thing: how the Chinese look at someone that drinks a lot! Or the Chinese way to do businesses!

So, in China, a guy that’s able to drink a lot is considered a very good business man because nearly all the businesses are celebrated in a restaurant with lots of toasts of powerful Chinese drinks (drink with 50% of alcohol or even more). So business man in China usually met, have a meal where they exchange gifts and to get to know themselves in order to do businesses and/or develop a future cooperation! Therefore you can conclude that the main concern each business man is launching the bases for a friendship and a future cooperation!...nice way to do businesses, what do you think?

Kisses and hugs to all!!!

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