Sunday, March 25, 2007


and later on my sunday tourism afternoon i went to Wangfujing street...a street where basically you can find everything...shoppings of all sort of stuff in each door on both sides of the street and on the back of those shopping you can find small street with "traditional chinese shops"...

just watch and see for youselves...

any comments ladies???

Temple of Heaven

Last sunday, despite the cold weather i decided to do some tourism by my own...and the chosen destination was....The Temple of Heaven...a very quite, peaceful and spiritual place!

as say more than a thousand word!

missing you all...
gretz....nuno, the new beijinger!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Chinese New Year

as i and videos of the Chinese New Year and my Birthday...
...our dinner with Leo's lovely family and his great was an honor...
thanks for the invitation Leo...

i'm so happy to notice that you frequently visit my blog!!!...thanks for your support!...but, where are you comments, people?...does anyone have 5 minutes to write some words...this is supposed to be my diary and history in china....and i want you in it! participate!!!

再见...bye bye

and...Shanghai by night

...just look at the difference from daytime... you have some party photos as well..., andreia, rui, rita, vanessa, filipa, paula, lixa...

if you want to enlarge any photo just click it!

photos - Shanghai (daytime)

some pictures taken in shanghai on February 22nd and 23rd, 2007...mostly me, andreia and rui!

Archway Launching Ceremony

After the post "About Archway" here you have more photos of the company where i'm working .

This ceremony was held in the Great Hall of People in Tienanmen Square!...One of the most important buildings in China...or even maybe the most one!

These are photos of the official commercial launching ceremony back in January 31st 2007 and some of the office.

Enjoy it!

if it doesn't work just click "watch the show"

Monday, March 12, 2007


What a city?'s so different from Beijing that it even seems they are cities from different countries...unbelievable!!! click for video

When you arrive to Shanghai your first impression of the city is: this must be a fashionable and cosmopolitan city! While Beijing is a clear and more organized city (everything is in blocks [USA style]), Shanghai is more European with lots of curbs and small sidewalks where scooters, electronic bikes, bikes and people cross with constant attention. It's an adventure to walk on those streets at night and somehow, somewhere in the middle of nothing comes a speedy motorcycle with no lights on and cross quickly just in front of you!

I can honestly say that there are more foreigners that in Beijing, people are more fashionable, girls have more careful on their clothes, paintings, shoes, hairstyle and walk style worries! Everyone wants to be fashion and be stylish! Who can see a lot of girls with small skirts, sexy tops and mostly painted…so it's European style (not American, or else the girls would have big artificial boobs and Botox, right?).

I loved Shanghai and it's definitely a city where I want to live someday! and watch a video

more videos:

…I think you'll understand what I mean when you watch the pictures and form your opinion!

P.S. just keep look at the big difference in the city between daylight and night.

P.S.2. and watch the big oriental pearl, the symbol of the oriental emerging power! (just like New York's Liberty Statue).

P.S.3. later I will post some photos of shanghai (since now I am having some problems to post them).

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Adress and phone...and something unexpected

...better late than ever, right?

here you go my address and phone number if you want to send me a letter, etc.

Tower B , Room No. 1203
Yuan Yang Xin Gan Xian
San Yuan Dong Qiao

Xia Guang Li 66 Hao
Chaoyang District ,
Beijing 10027


三元东桥远洋新干线公寓B 座1203室

phone number: 0086 132 69401293

…and guess what, today when I woke up, you can’t guess my astonishment when I look outside my window and it’s was all white and snowing… really cool to see snow again since Finland!

...waiting for you letters...;P

Saturday, March 3, 2007


...worth more than a thousand words!!!

me, Andreia and my friend Rui Rapazote!

enjoy it!!! just click it to enlarge

forbidden city and tiananmen square!!!

The Great Wall of China

so...what do you think about it????

And Vacations...for a week


hinese New Year stops all China for about a week. They see it as Europeans see Christmas, everybody goes back to their hometowns/villages and celebrate their festivities with all their family.

Andreia come to spent the vacations with me and my dear friend rapazote came to Beijing to visit the city for 4 days.

So I've been in the historical Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, The Summer Palace and the Lama Temple!

According to my Chinese friends I am a very lucky person cause the first time I come to China and the first day of the Chinese new year is in my Birthday and this year is the Golden Pig's Year and I'm a PIG according to the Chinese signs! So they say it would bring me luck, fortune and strength!

So in the Chinese New Year I was invited by my dear Chinese friend Leo to have dinner with all his family. So me, andreia and rapazote met them and we had a very pleasant meal, full of traditional meaning with Leo's family and his grandmother, who's a very nice old and wise Chinese woman. I can assure that you can't find a more traditional way to celebrate the Chinese New Year that I experienced. The dinner was very good and they order maybe more than 20 different dishes, so you can taste all sort of flavors, and here if someone offer you more food you shouldn't reject it, so we ate really a lot!...but we loved the experience.

So from February 17th to 18th was the celebration of the New Year and my birthday. So, Leo took us to the city and gave us a lot of fireworks to launch on the streets! It's was unbelievable, just fantastic and unforgettable! Leo was so nice that he reserved a special firework because of my birthday!...just watch the photos and the videos, they are better than a thousand words!

Tiannamen Square

more videos:

The Great Wall of China (part 1) - click it...

The Great Wall of China (part 2) - click it...

The Great Wall of China (part 3) - click it...

The Great Wall of China (part 4) - click it...

The Great Wall of China (part 5) - click it...