Saturday, March 3, 2007

And Vacations...for a week


hinese New Year stops all China for about a week. They see it as Europeans see Christmas, everybody goes back to their hometowns/villages and celebrate their festivities with all their family.

Andreia come to spent the vacations with me and my dear friend rapazote came to Beijing to visit the city for 4 days.

So I've been in the historical Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, The Summer Palace and the Lama Temple!

According to my Chinese friends I am a very lucky person cause the first time I come to China and the first day of the Chinese new year is in my Birthday and this year is the Golden Pig's Year and I'm a PIG according to the Chinese signs! So they say it would bring me luck, fortune and strength!

So in the Chinese New Year I was invited by my dear Chinese friend Leo to have dinner with all his family. So me, andreia and rapazote met them and we had a very pleasant meal, full of traditional meaning with Leo's family and his grandmother, who's a very nice old and wise Chinese woman. I can assure that you can't find a more traditional way to celebrate the Chinese New Year that I experienced. The dinner was very good and they order maybe more than 20 different dishes, so you can taste all sort of flavors, and here if someone offer you more food you shouldn't reject it, so we ate really a lot!...but we loved the experience.

So from February 17th to 18th was the celebration of the New Year and my birthday. So, Leo took us to the city and gave us a lot of fireworks to launch on the streets! It's was unbelievable, just fantastic and unforgettable! Leo was so nice that he reserved a special firework because of my birthday!...just watch the photos and the videos, they are better than a thousand words!

Tiannamen Square

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