Monday, March 12, 2007


What a city?'s so different from Beijing that it even seems they are cities from different countries...unbelievable!!! click for video

When you arrive to Shanghai your first impression of the city is: this must be a fashionable and cosmopolitan city! While Beijing is a clear and more organized city (everything is in blocks [USA style]), Shanghai is more European with lots of curbs and small sidewalks where scooters, electronic bikes, bikes and people cross with constant attention. It's an adventure to walk on those streets at night and somehow, somewhere in the middle of nothing comes a speedy motorcycle with no lights on and cross quickly just in front of you!

I can honestly say that there are more foreigners that in Beijing, people are more fashionable, girls have more careful on their clothes, paintings, shoes, hairstyle and walk style worries! Everyone wants to be fashion and be stylish! Who can see a lot of girls with small skirts, sexy tops and mostly painted…so it's European style (not American, or else the girls would have big artificial boobs and Botox, right?).

I loved Shanghai and it's definitely a city where I want to live someday! and watch a video

more videos:

…I think you'll understand what I mean when you watch the pictures and form your opinion!

P.S. just keep look at the big difference in the city between daylight and night.

P.S.2. and watch the big oriental pearl, the symbol of the oriental emerging power! (just like New York's Liberty Statue).

P.S.3. later I will post some photos of shanghai (since now I am having some problems to post them).

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