Monday, April 16, 2007

"chinese-american-portuguese" football match

first sport experience...

last friday (april 7th) i had a football match of the office (archway)...and when i stop thinking, i couldn't remember when was the last time i played football....maybe 7 years ago!!!!

we rented a nice place to play with artificial grass, nice pitch....the place is owned by hungarians and in the near future they are going to organize a tournament called "Puskas tournament" where the major idea is to get "national" teams from all over the world!!!.....the portuguese, as expect, are thinking about organizing a team and try our chance!!!...our small "world cup"!!! maybe i will start playing football regularly...

back again to the was a very nice match with chinese, american and other portuguese....everyone had a great time and the conviviality was great!!!'s was a fair match with a lot of fair-play!!! experience to repeat much more times....i hope!!!

let's cut the are some can deduct yourself the rest :P!!!!!

cheers all!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

daddy's visit

two weekends ago, my dad visited me!

he was in china for some business work and he took a weekend off to visit me in beijing!

my portuguese mates (from the same exchange program as i) went out this weekend so i was alone just with my father, but on wednesday another friend from shanghai (João, also from the same exchange program) also came on the weekend with two visiting friends (Bia and Carme).

Saturday me and my father just walk around some known streets in beijing while João, Bia and Carme went visiting Tienanmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace.

At night we saw the peking opera (very nice), had a nice dinner in an Italian restaurant, Annie's, and later we went to a live-jazz bar to have a drink/coffee.

check some videos of the peking opera:

Sunday morning we rent a van (including a driver) to take us to the Great Wall of China (badaling). We spent there 3 thrilling hours...we had sun, than the strong wind came and it ended with was unbelievable, beautiful, unforgettable!!!...perfect (just snick the photos and video).

videos on the Great Wall of China:

we came back to beijing at 3 p.m. and João, Bia and Carme took a cab to the airport to get back to shanghai while me and my father went to the beautiful Summer Palace!

one more video:

after it, and despite being exhausted we still went to a market for some shops....

...and, as you can imagine, after walking so many km and defying so many steps, by the end of the day we just wanted to rest.

it was a really pleasant weekend!...after 11 months i meet my father again.....and still manage to see my friend João Gago and gain two new friend Bia and Carme....and so, to all of you, thank you so much for the weekend!!!! you're a great company and we're a great team!

hope to see u soon!

abraço grande Pai,
abraço Gago,
beijinhos Bia e Carme

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

remember where u are

this is china and whether we wanted or not...this isn't any democratic country and sometimes things happen that refresh your memory about where you are exactly.

It's now been more than 2 weeks since "our" Chinese Government felt that all the blogs from shouldn't be accessible in their lands. Thus they simply insert it on their list of forbidden sites, hence "maybe" they feel that, at least, some blogs of bloggers may have information which cannot be access by Chinese people...which information am I referring to?...i really don't know!.....the only thing I know is that from today it's been 16 days since i can't see my own blog.

I even send an email to the Blogger supporting problems team who immediately answered: "I'm afraid that your local government has been blocking all Blog*Spot pages from being shown within that country. I'm sorry about that, but unfortunately there's not much we can do.".

and this is one of the things that refreshes your memory and make you realize where you are and what kind of government and rules applies in this country.

Therefore, I am sorry if I am not updating my blog as I wish but it makes it difficult to post something while being unable to see the layout.

Sorry for this....but this kind of situations are so above me....can't do anything!

beijinhos e abraços a todos!