Monday, April 16, 2007

"chinese-american-portuguese" football match

first sport experience...

last friday (april 7th) i had a football match of the office (archway)...and when i stop thinking, i couldn't remember when was the last time i played football....maybe 7 years ago!!!!

we rented a nice place to play with artificial grass, nice pitch....the place is owned by hungarians and in the near future they are going to organize a tournament called "Puskas tournament" where the major idea is to get "national" teams from all over the world!!!.....the portuguese, as expect, are thinking about organizing a team and try our chance!!!...our small "world cup"!!! maybe i will start playing football regularly...

back again to the was a very nice match with chinese, american and other portuguese....everyone had a great time and the conviviality was great!!!'s was a fair match with a lot of fair-play!!! experience to repeat much more times....i hope!!!

let's cut the are some can deduct yourself the rest :P!!!!!

cheers all!!!

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