Wednesday, May 30, 2007


last week i went to hangzhou...where is it?

i meet my Yunnan province trip-mates rapazote, bom, alves and a new signing chico @ shanghai.

from there to hangzhou is just a 2-hour bus drive.

hangzhou is consider by chinese like one of the most beautiful cities of china, maybe even the most! discussion about it!

imagine a city that the city center is a enormous lake (the West Lake) with a lot of trees all around, small islands, chinese traditional bridges connection edges, clean air, flowers, birds, children playing, nature environment and sounds... B E A U T I F U L ! ! !

calmly ridding a bicycle around the lake is almost a therapy ! ! !

despite it, it's a 6 million inhabitants city and also has big buildings, crowded street, traffic... but after seeing and being embraced by such landscapes, you don't even notice it... was another great short-trip!...

...this city together with suzhou are considered the China's Veneza...

...suzhou...a place to visit in the future!!!

it's amazing the diversity you can see in China...

next away weekend stop - hopefully qingdao (beach) !!!

by 潘伯霖

p.s. (for those you don't know what "潘伯霖" is...just look at the blog's's "pan bo lin"- my chinese china be chinese, right?)
p.s.2 - i still received the photos from my trip-mates. i'll post some later (in this post).

...death sentence...

Ex-Head of China FDA Sentenced To Death

Ruling Comes After Alarm Over Tainted Exports

By Edward Cody

Washington Post Foreign Service
Wednesday, May 30, 2007; Page D01

BEIJING, May 29 -- The disgraced head of China's drug administration was sentenced to death Tuesday for accepting what a court described as "huge bribes" to approve faulty medicines, including a batch of antibiotics that killed six patients and sickened 80.

The sentence handed down to Zheng Xiaoyu, 63, former chief of the State Food and Drung Administration, was not unprecedented in China's long struggle against corruption. But it was unusually harsh and was interpreted as a signal from the government that it is determined to look after the public's interest.

...the rest on the news....

to end up I just want to quote the reaction of a chinese friend after seeing this news: "Unfortunately, it's normal in China...but all the Chinese know there are much worse government's party politicians that this guy..."

by 潘伯霖

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

raining like beijing?!?

today i feel like london! you know this sound? (london in the rain - variety lab...great sound)

it's raining a lot in beijing since i woke up!...
...i feel the air different...
thank god for this rain, i was missing it!...on the other hand(?!?), thank god or thank the chinese government ?!?.....thank chinese government...

look at the humidity - 94%...this must be a record in beijing
...i don't recall a single day with 30% + of humidity...

...government is powerful ah...they forecast their own decisions...

by 潘伯霖

wheather control . . . it's official!

after the launched rumor's the confirmation from chinese mouths!

...from China Daily (a national daily newspaper...with the necessary government filter...of course)

Gov't to set up center for weather control
By Wang Shanshan
Updated: 2007-05-21 06:37

A national command center for weather modification will be built before 2010 to coordinate the practices of rainmaking and hail suppression around the country.

China regularly suffers from natural disasters, and its weather-modification operations are the largest in the world, a report by the Xinhua News Agency said yesterday.

Thirty of the country's 34 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and special administrative regions and 1,952 of about 2,900 counties have been involved in such operations and they are equipped with 7,113 anti-aircraft guns, 4,991 special rocket launchers and more than 32,300 people, figures from the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) said.

Since 1999, some 250 billion tons of rain have been created and 470,000 sq km of land have been protected from hail. By 2010, the volume of artificial rain is expected to reach 50 billion tons a year, the Xinhua report said.

Weather modification is even being used to help Beijing prevent a downpour forecast for the opening day of the 2008 Olympics.

The report said that by 2010, all weather-modification efforts would be coordinated by central government with support from provincial, municipal and county administrations. A national weather-modification experimental base will also be launched, it said.

Having a national command center and experimental base will better protect the country against extreme weather conditions, the report quoted an unnamed official from the meteorological office as saying.

China is at more risk of being hit this year by extreme weather, such as drought, floods and typhoons, than at any time over the past decade because of climate change. Droughts could seriously affect northern areas, while heavy rainfalls could hit the south, Zheng Guoguang, director of the CMA, told China Daily last month.

Consideration is also being given to the health and safety of those involved in modification efforts.

In May last year, the operator of an anti-aircraft gun in Pengshui County of Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality had his right arm blown to pieces and a passer-by was shot dead.

The county has four such guns for use in weather modification.

On Friday in Jinan, capital of East China's Shandong Province, a meeting to discuss safety issues was held between officers from two of China's seven military areas headquartered in Jinan and Nanjing, capital of East China's Jiangsu Province, and representatives of the North Sea Fleet of the navy, all of whom are involved in local weather-modification efforts.

(China Daily 05/21/2007 page3)

the question now is: what don't they control???...any thoughts on that!?!? 潘伯霖

Monday, May 21, 2007


this post is just to keep you with your "feet on the ground". despite all the good things...this is still a communist country...and everything is controlled...if you don't believe just check the reuters today's news...

BEIJING (Reuters) - A Chinese technical college for boarders has defended compulsory pregnancy tests for students as a responsibility to them and their families, local media reported Friday.

The college in Urumqi, capital of the far western region of Xinjiang, had tested new students for several years and would ask those who tested positive to leave, the Beijing News said, citing students.

"We are a closed boarding school. Every year we ask new students to take routine health checks. The pregnancy tests are just a part of that. This is a duty toward the students and families," the paper quoted an unnamed school official as saying.

The school, where girls aged 17 and 18 comprise 70 to 80 percent of new spring semester students, gathered "whole classes" of girls into a hall to pass urine samples on to doctors, the paper said.

"If a student with an abnormal result is discovered, doctors will report it immediately to the school's student board," the paper said.

Some students with positive results had voluntarily quit the school and others had been asked to transfer. Students had borrowed class-mates' urine to avoid the tests, the paper said.

"The idea of being tested as soon as entering the school makes me feel very uncomfortable," the paper quoted Xiao Tang, a new student, as saying.

Other students were more sympathetic, describing the tests as a "warning."

"It's a big loss of face to be tested pregnant," student Xiao Ping said.

Economic reforms have loosened state control over people's personal lives in China, where, as little as 20 years ago, paternal "work units" would commonly approve marriages and child birth.

But birth out of wedlock remains taboo and heavy-handed enforcement of China's one-child policy, including forced abortions, is common in poor rural areas, rights groups have said.

how far can the control of the government go???

(i'm already getting used to have all the blogs blocked by the government...maybe they will block this post also...nothing new about it here)

curiosity: people in beijing said that the government control the WEATHER...or else how could the government promise that it won't be 90% possibility of raining...if you ask any "beijinger" if they think the government control the weather, lots of them will say "of course!!"!

i just wanna say sorry to my chinese friends, i know most of you don't approve this...but still I have to post it to show my friends the good and bad things of your country...sorry.

by 潘伯霖...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

apple vs. microsft....


a video that summarizes everything...

...all rights reserved for my friend Rui Bom's blog...

xie xie Bom Reader!!! reader!

imagine that instead of you visit and checking your favorite blogs and news sites, you can be notice each time a new post/story comes out...great idea ah?...that's exactly what google reader does!...and even allows you to check the new post/story without having to visit the respective "sucks" it to your google reader page or to your igoogle page (if you added this gadget) and you can read it, watch the photos, see the movies...fantastic right!

so you only need to have a google can be gmail, or any other....and with a single account, you can have "almost" everything for only a click-distance!

how can you subscribe my blog? google reader you just had a new subscription and insert my blog's link...just that easy....ah!!!! can you identify that a site can be subscribed?...easy, just check in the right side of the adress bar if you see this sign...

hen hen hao....te bie hao....tai hao!!!....

my complements to google's 潘伯霖...


-try it, you should try MUST it!
-test it, check it, revised MUST use it!

where is it?...just check your upper-right corner in the page!

...imagine what a internet page where you can access news (sport, nba, reuters, cnn, espn, etc) , weather forecast, horescope, curiosities, check your gmail, hotmail and others, google talk, messenger, to-do-list, notebook, google reader (you subscribe blogs and each time a post is release you immediately are notice [later i will tell about it]), calendar, rated released movies, wikipedia, dictionary, calc, name it....all in the same what do u think ah?

CONGRATULATIONS GOOGLE!...i'm one of your top fans!

RMB 3,000 in 2 minutes- how???...easy....

(videos should be censured by parents...parental advisory explicit content!)

as promised here it is....the story...a bet in Yunnan Province!!!

many adventures where lived during the trip at Yunnan Province!...but there always some specials ones! here's one of my favourites! seems a good looking lake, right?
near Shangri-la, we went to a natural reserve park, something quite beautiful, great views, mother-nature, are you getting the point?!...but

there where some, well let's call it, "strange"! almost all the park where cover in yak sheet....but
big sheet-peaces!!!....i couldn't believe it in a natural reserve park!

anyway....we where arriving to some lake that wasn't clean at all, and you can see the sheet all around the lake and some inside the lake. We where there and i don't remember quite well who started but i think it was Rui Bom! is the dialogue (it was something like this):

Rui Bom (RB): "el kid, i'll offer you RMB 1,000 if you throw yourself to this lake?"
R: "be careful, don't say that twice cause i just might do it!"
just watch the yak-sheet around the lake
RB: "bullshit!"
Nuno Pereira (NP): "you know what, i'll offer you RMB 1,000 more!"
João Alves (JA): "me too, i'll offer you RMB 1,000 more!"
RB: "see el kid, we give you all RMB 3,000 to jump to the lake! how many deceases are there????"
R:"i'll do it!"
RB,NP,JA:"do it if you're a man, a real man would do it!"
RR:"RMB 3,000 in 2 minutes, never own so much money so quick!"

João Alves, R (the swimmer), me and Rui Bom

well, and since R is a marketing-guy you could notice that he was thinking...probably he did a SWOT analysis, evaluated the 7 Ps and the 4Cs...and he decided that....

the rest of the story it will be told by videos and photos!

chapter I - RMB 3,000 for a "jump"!

chapter 2 - where he is jumping to!

chapter 3 - changing around many chinese-watchers!

chapter 4 - the final details!

chapter 5 - the testings...

chapter 6 - and, finally...

and this is the end result!...

who's dangerous now?....he is inflammable after that swim?!?

a small note to the JACKASS program....this videos have all rights reserved...if you want for it!!! :P

my special complements to the big star of this event....el kid....deceases are expected and will be monitored in the next 6 months!

by 潘伯霖...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

enough for last 6 days...???

...with this one it will make 11 posts in a week!...satisfied?

i will give you some days to catch the track of my blog...
meanwhile i will be waiting for you feedback...ok?
ni men gei wo fan kui....meaning: you give me comments!!! lol :P

but the trip-posts aren't over...following:

  • mr. R wins RMB 3,000 in 2 minutes
  • videos (portuguese-mothers with small kids...some you should censured to your kids...parental advisory explicit content...
  • signs in chinglish (chinese+english)...


and...finally XiShuanbanna...

...full of my post for only one day?!?...or enjoy the narrative? finalize this amazing trip...we went to sleep on tree house in a natural UNESCO protected park...with wild elephants!!!...the least i can say is: UNFORGETTABLE ! ! !

now i can say you that all of those sounds we hear on vietnam war movies are exactly the same...water surrounding, whispers, birds, mosquitos, insects that produce small light-spots...scarying and at the same time peaceful... mother-nature embraces you and you embrace it back!!!...what a night!

of course the following day we visit all the park, which really deserves a visit!

except the 15€/night we paid in kunming...tree house one the second most expensive (should i say this or maybe the second less cheap?)'s was 9€ per night!

....wanna know a funny thing...there wasn't electricity the day we slept there because of a big candles...what did we do, came outside a little, play cards while the candles lasted and i, personally killed a red mosquito...just to make it more interesting!lol!...just joking, i had to, it was in one of our tree houses!

...not to be潘伯霖

4th stage.....Shangri-la

...strange for me...since i've been in xangri-la in the southeast of brasil...but this is another one

...another small and ancient city...3900 meters above sea level surrounded by mountain with top-snow-cover!

beautiful... for these one i will spear you my "words"...i leave you the pics

later i will tell you how mr. R. won RMB 3.000 in only 2 be more specific a bet worthing €300... i'll post it later...

by 潘伯霖...

3rd etape...Lijiang

...what a beautiful city... u remember those movies with chinese cities that seem that all streets have a small parallel river that obligates you to pass trough a bridge each time you need to go to a's lijiang!!!

we rented there a jeep and a chinese guide (non-speaking-english) for two days and we went on trekking!...we went to a canyon, rapid rivers, buddhist temples (3900 meters above sea level), disco night...and in the two day tour we slept in shangri-la....but that one i tell you in the next post.



2nd stop....Dali


after one day and a half in kunming we pick up a bus and went to dali....5 hour trip, just "peanuts" since during this week of vacations between buses, vans, jeep, flight we've been inside vehicles for probably almost around 48 hours!

Dali is a very beautiful place to was the first time i've seen the "other side of the coin"...after months living in big metropolis and visiting shanghai finally i see the china that i was expecting in the first place when i came here...

Dali is a ancient city...very well conserved full of tradition, culture...each pore of your body can sense it and feel it!!!'s like you seen so many times in movies, far-well green fields, mountains still with some snow in the top, the 4th biggest lake in china and the surprise in most of the chinese faces to see a foreigner on those areas!

the first day in dali was amazing...we rent some bikes and just go anywhere our mind, our thoughts, our feelings and our instincts told us to...we supposedly had some orientation spot...which proved to be wrong... we ride down the mountain (on roads...of course, the bikes were too bad for anything else), than we flew through stone roads across the agricultural fields and went to the lake. there we had a very nice chat with a lot of chinese kids that were enjoying the lake and all of them were really excited to see us!...
...afterwards we continue to ride and we found ourselves in one of those chinese villages with really straight roads full of spirituality where only a few foreigners have the pleasure to visit...we stopped in the local market and had fun with some should had seen the surprise look of the youngsters when we took a picture and showed it on the digital camera seems like they never seen it!

here you have the photos....

for those who are asking for the videos...there are very nice videos...i'll post later all of them! be continued....

blogs...links...keep track

hi, it's been a while since i "keep track" of the recent blog's i just added on "blogs to keep track" that you can find after the beijing's and guimarães' clocks.

all the blog are very well written and are quite interesting to follow, this way, if you wish you can have more curiosities about china! these are also blog where i take ideas of posts to write to you.

  • 66 Qing Dao Lu - blog of my yunnan-trip-mate joão alves!...he's living in shanghai...but his blog is in portuguese...
  • In Transit! - rui rapazote's friend who i spent with my february vacations and also my yunnan-trip-mate...also lives in shanghai...and his blog is in english...
  • O Desterrado em Pequim - joão medina's blog...expatriated portuguese friend in beijing...very interesting blog (i found myself quite sometimes stealing ideas for my blog)'s in portuguese...
  • 李振藩 Bruce Lee - rui bom's blog, the last of mine yunnan-trip-mates...very funny blog, lot's of curiosities...he lives in shanghai portuguese

so, from now how you can check their blog and see for yourselves...

trip photos, 1st stop Kunming

as can expect a post for each city/village/place where I "settle" for a day ;)... the way, you now you can subscribe my blog and be notice each time i post something new?...i'll give the later later....still in beta version!!!

Kunming is the capital of the Yunnan Province on the southwest of China!
It has around 4,000,000 inhabitants and to be honest my first impressions was...this is a really small town...but later i find out it was definitely the biggest city were I "passed" during my may vacations! might think it's unimaginable but this city doesn't have any discos...and believe we asked everybody for it, hotel receptionist, foreigners, taxi drivers, police officers, you name one no anything about any disco!!!....boring ah ?

really close to Kunming there is an amazing and astonishing place....STONE FOREST , i.e. really a stone forest ... i don't know how it's possible to be totally natural....but it is, how in the hell some many big stones "fall down from the sky" in such restricted place??? be continued....

cheers...潘伯霖...i.e...pan bo lin...i.e...nuno

Saturday, May 12, 2007

第一个中文新闻 ! ! !

This is a post in chinese....first you’ll find chinese symbols, than in pin yin and finally the english translation!...enjoy….to show some of my new recent capabilities :P






我在2007年1月22号到中国。我来中国在中交虹桥工作 (cttc archway).





再见!!!……潘伯霖 the same text in pin yin!!!...chinese in our abc!

di yi ge zhong wen xin wen!

da jia hao

ni men zen me yang?

zhe shi di yi ge zhong wen xin wen, ni men xiang xin ma.

wo men ji xu.

Shuo yi xie jian dan dong xi, hao ma....

wo jiao nuno, wo er shi si sui. wo cong pu tao ya lai.
wo zai er ling ling qi nian yi yue er shi san hao dao zhong guo. wo lai zhong guo zai zhong jiao hong qiao gong zuo (cttc archway).
suo yi zai san ge ban yue hou wo ke yi shuo wo hen xi huan zhong guo he bei jing.
wo zai beijing deng dai ni men. wo de jia jiu shi ni men de jia, wo de jia men wei ni men kai fang!...qing kuai dian^er!!!!

wo xiang nian suo you de peng you!

zheng ru ni men kan dao le, wo neng shuo dian^er he xie dian^er zhong wen le!!!...zen me yang?....yuan yin shi wo de zhong wen lao shi!...ta ming zi jiao anita he ta jiao zhong wen fei chang hao!....wo fei chang xi huan ta he wo men shang ke dan shi wo bu de bu xue xi geng duo de zhong wen zai wo jia! hen nan!...

ni men bu zhi dao dan shi zhe ge zhong wen xin wen shi zuo ye shi wo de zhong wen lao shi gei wo de !...

Zai jie shu yi qian, wo xiang shuo wo hen gan ji anita!!!...... gao xing ren shi ta!!!

zai jian!!!....nuno

p.s. rui bom zhi dao ma?


first post in Chinese!

hello everyone.

how are you all?

this is my first “Chinese” post, can you believe it?

let’s go on!

I will only speak/say simple things, ok?

I’m nuno and I’m 24 years old. I’m from Portugal.
I arrive at China on 2007/01/23 and I came to work in CTTC Archway.
so after 3 and half months I can say I like very much China and Beijing.
I am waiting for you in Beijing. my house is your house. the door of my house is open for you!...hurry up a little bit, ah!!!

I miss you all my friends!

As you can see, I can speak and write a little of Chinese!!! about that?... the reason is because of my Chinese teacher!....her name is anita and she’s a very good Chinese teacher!... I like very much her as well as your lessons but I have to study a lot at home!’s very hard!

You don’t know but this Chinese post was my last lesson given homework!

I couldn’t without saying that i am very greatfull to anita!!!’s a pleasure to meet…

Bye bye, nuno

Thursday, May 10, 2007

chinese lession no1 - title explanation

blog's title -
潘伯霖在中国 . . . meaning???

1st chinese lession!...ready?!?

潘伯霖 - "pan bo lin" - my chinese name!

- "pan" is a similar pronouncation of my last surname (Pereira)
- "bo" means brother, older brother (which i am)
- "lin" means rain!

so take you own conclusions about the meaning of my chinese name!

now the other 3 symbols:
- "zai" means at/in/or
- "zhong" means center, middle
- "guo" means country, but these guo's symbol is only for China, so
中国 - direct translation "center country"...apparently that's how chinese see their of the world!....wanna see a world "chinese" map???

to finalize 潘伯霖在中国... "pan bo lin zai zhong guo" translation: "nuno at china"

yours, 潘伯霖 :)

Yunnan routes... big plans, just a lonely planet's guide, good mood, and flow throw the Yunnan province!!!

to be honest, before our flight to Kunming (Yunnan province's capital) me, João Alves, Rui Bom and Rui Rapazote didn't have any defined and detailed plan for our trip. Only our strategic masterminded João Alves add some knowledge about this adventure...but what the hell, what do we need a plan for?...just follow our "instincts"!!!...and a lonely planet's guide can be very helpful in these situations!

...we add the strictly basic information for the we were going, we just keep on asking questions about what should we visit and therefore...

so, just to localize you Yunnan province is in the southwest of China.
northwest of the province are Bhutan and Tibet is also near.
west and southwest of the province is Burma.
south of the province is Laos and Vietnam.
(check the map...picture "stolen" form Rui Rapazote's blog...i'll give the link later)

(this one you can see "catch" our trekking routes!!!)

mr. João Alves.....非常感激你 (i.e. fei chang gan ji ni)...meaning "i'm very greatfull to you!"...

greetz to all!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

memorabel trip - Yunnan Province


In China, the first week of May, International Labor Day, stops the whole country for one week of vacations!
Thus, and as expected I had to get outside Beijing and explored this enormous country!... therefore, I join 3 Portuguese friends from Shanghai to explore the Yunnan province in the southwest of China. My fellow trip-mates are Rui Rapazote, Rui Bom and João Alves. We meet all in Kunming – capital of Yunnan Province!
To be honest I didn’t know what to expect since they were the ones planning all the trip. I was just excited to travel around the non-seen China!... what should I expect?!?! and movie’s scenes came at my head in hope to find something similar!

(right to left- me, João Alves, Rui Rapazote, Rui Bom)

My itinerary: Beijing – Kunming – Dali – Jiliang – Shangri-La – Xishuanbanna – Beijing
I can resume my trip to you in just one word: unpredicted! Basically there wasn’t any concrete and solid plan, we just flew as we wished to... so we could do anything that came to our heads!

I just can’t describe the tremendous natural diversity I’ve seen!
Just check out the diversity:
- Stone forest… what is a stone forest?... just imagine before you see the pictures!!! (Kunming);
- Ancient city – Dali – temple, lost villages in space and time, the 4th biggest lake in China, long agricultural fields;
- Lijiang a city 3000m above sea level, canyons, rapids, a Chinese-cinematographic-city, white mountains;
- Shangri-la, another old-lost city on the unseen southwest part of China with Buddhist Temples at 3900m above sea level, Unesco Natural Reserve;

- Natural Park with wild elephant and us sleeping there in a three house fighting a red mosquito and adventuring throughout the jungle, cable-car 30 minutes non-stopping, rich-animal-selling open market (illness everywhere…supposing), night card-game under candle-light, visit tea plantation and all productive process;

And we manage to do all of this and still pass around 48 hours inside buses, vans, jeeps, ferries and other vehicles. We were from sea level to 3900 meters above it, therefore we catch 5 ºC to 32 ºC at night, humidity from 50% to almost 100%.

In the middle of all these there was still time to visit some minorities traditional villages like Dai villages where we were invited to visit a family and honorably had tea there and a very special drink made from rice was offered….60% of alcohol!!!...

It’s amazing the amount of different views, scenarios, feelings, experiences, develop and ancient cities, lost villages… and little small nice children that seem never saw a photo camera so surprised are they reaction after seeing it and watching themselves in the digital camera screen.

More posts will come about these trip… well as videos, photos…and links to my trip-mates blogs!!!....this has been an impressive trekking trip and since I don’t have much talent to write you can check different angels and posts about it!

Miss you my friends….mi casa és su casa….so what are you waiting for to visit China?