Thursday, May 10, 2007

chinese lession no1 - title explanation

blog's title -
潘伯霖在中国 . . . meaning???

1st chinese lession!...ready?!?

潘伯霖 - "pan bo lin" - my chinese name!

- "pan" is a similar pronouncation of my last surname (Pereira)
- "bo" means brother, older brother (which i am)
- "lin" means rain!

so take you own conclusions about the meaning of my chinese name!

now the other 3 symbols:
- "zai" means at/in/or
- "zhong" means center, middle
- "guo" means country, but these guo's symbol is only for China, so
中国 - direct translation "center country"...apparently that's how chinese see their of the world!....wanna see a world "chinese" map???

to finalize 潘伯霖在中国... "pan bo lin zai zhong guo" translation: "nuno at china"

yours, 潘伯霖 :)

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