Sunday, May 13, 2007

and...finally XiShuanbanna...

...full of my post for only one day?!?...or enjoy the narrative? finalize this amazing trip...we went to sleep on tree house in a natural UNESCO protected park...with wild elephants!!!...the least i can say is: UNFORGETTABLE ! ! !

now i can say you that all of those sounds we hear on vietnam war movies are exactly the same...water surrounding, whispers, birds, mosquitos, insects that produce small light-spots...scarying and at the same time peaceful... mother-nature embraces you and you embrace it back!!!...what a night!

of course the following day we visit all the park, which really deserves a visit!

except the 15€/night we paid in kunming...tree house one the second most expensive (should i say this or maybe the second less cheap?)'s was 9€ per night!

....wanna know a funny thing...there wasn't electricity the day we slept there because of a big candles...what did we do, came outside a little, play cards while the candles lasted and i, personally killed a red mosquito...just to make it more interesting!lol!...just joking, i had to, it was in one of our tree houses!

...not to be潘伯霖

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