Wednesday, May 30, 2007


last week i went to hangzhou...where is it?

i meet my Yunnan province trip-mates rapazote, bom, alves and a new signing chico @ shanghai.

from there to hangzhou is just a 2-hour bus drive.

hangzhou is consider by chinese like one of the most beautiful cities of china, maybe even the most! discussion about it!

imagine a city that the city center is a enormous lake (the West Lake) with a lot of trees all around, small islands, chinese traditional bridges connection edges, clean air, flowers, birds, children playing, nature environment and sounds... B E A U T I F U L ! ! !

calmly ridding a bicycle around the lake is almost a therapy ! ! !

despite it, it's a 6 million inhabitants city and also has big buildings, crowded street, traffic... but after seeing and being embraced by such landscapes, you don't even notice it... was another great short-trip!...

...this city together with suzhou are considered the China's Veneza...

...suzhou...a place to visit in the future!!!

it's amazing the diversity you can see in China...

next away weekend stop - hopefully qingdao (beach) !!!

by 潘伯霖

p.s. (for those you don't know what "潘伯霖" is...just look at the blog's's "pan bo lin"- my chinese china be chinese, right?)
p.s.2 - i still received the photos from my trip-mates. i'll post some later (in this post).

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