Tuesday, May 8, 2007

memorabel trip - Yunnan Province


In China, the first week of May, International Labor Day, stops the whole country for one week of vacations!
Thus, and as expected I had to get outside Beijing and explored this enormous country!... therefore, I join 3 Portuguese friends from Shanghai to explore the Yunnan province in the southwest of China. My fellow trip-mates are Rui Rapazote, Rui Bom and João Alves. We meet all in Kunming – capital of Yunnan Province!
To be honest I didn’t know what to expect since they were the ones planning all the trip. I was just excited to travel around the non-seen China!... what should I expect?!?!...pictures and movie’s scenes came at my head in hope to find something similar!

(right to left- me, João Alves, Rui Rapazote, Rui Bom)

My itinerary: Beijing – Kunming – Dali – Jiliang – Shangri-La – Xishuanbanna – Beijing
I can resume my trip to you in just one word: unpredicted! Basically there wasn’t any concrete and solid plan, we just flew as we wished to... so we could do anything that came to our heads!

I just can’t describe the tremendous natural diversity I’ve seen!
Just check out the diversity:
- Stone forest… what is a stone forest?... just imagine before you see the pictures!!! (Kunming);
- Ancient city – Dali – temple, lost villages in space and time, the 4th biggest lake in China, long agricultural fields;
- Lijiang a city 3000m above sea level, canyons, rapids, a Chinese-cinematographic-city, white mountains;
- Shangri-la, another old-lost city on the unseen southwest part of China with Buddhist Temples at 3900m above sea level, Unesco Natural Reserve;

- Natural Park with wild elephant and us sleeping there in a three house fighting a red mosquito and adventuring throughout the jungle, cable-car 30 minutes non-stopping, rich-animal-selling open market (illness everywhere…supposing), night card-game under candle-light, visit tea plantation and all productive process;

And we manage to do all of this and still pass around 48 hours inside buses, vans, jeeps, ferries and other vehicles. We were from sea level to 3900 meters above it, therefore we catch 5 ºC to 32 ºC at night, humidity from 50% to almost 100%.

In the middle of all these there was still time to visit some minorities traditional villages like Dai villages where we were invited to visit a family and honorably had tea there and a very special drink made from rice was offered….60% of alcohol!!!...

It’s amazing the amount of different views, scenarios, feelings, experiences, develop and ancient cities, lost villages… and little small nice children that seem never saw a photo camera so surprised are they reaction after seeing it and watching themselves in the digital camera screen.

More posts will come about these trip…..as well as videos, photos…and links to my trip-mates blogs!!!....this has been an impressive trekking trip and since I don’t have much talent to write you can check different angels and posts about it!

Miss you my friends….mi casa és su casa….so what are you waiting for to visit China?

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