Sunday, May 20, 2007

RMB 3,000 in 2 minutes- how???...easy....

(videos should be censured by parents...parental advisory explicit content!)

as promised here it is....the story...a bet in Yunnan Province!!!

many adventures where lived during the trip at Yunnan Province!...but there always some specials ones! here's one of my favourites! seems a good looking lake, right?
near Shangri-la, we went to a natural reserve park, something quite beautiful, great views, mother-nature, are you getting the point?!...but

there where some, well let's call it, "strange"! almost all the park where cover in yak sheet....but
big sheet-peaces!!!....i couldn't believe it in a natural reserve park!

anyway....we where arriving to some lake that wasn't clean at all, and you can see the sheet all around the lake and some inside the lake. We where there and i don't remember quite well who started but i think it was Rui Bom! is the dialogue (it was something like this):

Rui Bom (RB): "el kid, i'll offer you RMB 1,000 if you throw yourself to this lake?"
R: "be careful, don't say that twice cause i just might do it!"
just watch the yak-sheet around the lake
RB: "bullshit!"
Nuno Pereira (NP): "you know what, i'll offer you RMB 1,000 more!"
João Alves (JA): "me too, i'll offer you RMB 1,000 more!"
RB: "see el kid, we give you all RMB 3,000 to jump to the lake! how many deceases are there????"
R:"i'll do it!"
RB,NP,JA:"do it if you're a man, a real man would do it!"
RR:"RMB 3,000 in 2 minutes, never own so much money so quick!"

João Alves, R (the swimmer), me and Rui Bom

well, and since R is a marketing-guy you could notice that he was thinking...probably he did a SWOT analysis, evaluated the 7 Ps and the 4Cs...and he decided that....

the rest of the story it will be told by videos and photos!

chapter I - RMB 3,000 for a "jump"!

chapter 2 - where he is jumping to!

chapter 3 - changing around many chinese-watchers!

chapter 4 - the final details!

chapter 5 - the testings...

chapter 6 - and, finally...

and this is the end result!...

who's dangerous now?....he is inflammable after that swim?!?

a small note to the JACKASS program....this videos have all rights reserved...if you want for it!!! :P

my special complements to the big star of this event....el kid....deceases are expected and will be monitored in the next 6 months!

by 潘伯霖...

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