Sunday, May 13, 2007

trip photos, 1st stop Kunming

as can expect a post for each city/village/place where I "settle" for a day ;)... the way, you now you can subscribe my blog and be notice each time i post something new?...i'll give the later later....still in beta version!!!

Kunming is the capital of the Yunnan Province on the southwest of China!
It has around 4,000,000 inhabitants and to be honest my first impressions was...this is a really small town...but later i find out it was definitely the biggest city were I "passed" during my may vacations! might think it's unimaginable but this city doesn't have any discos...and believe we asked everybody for it, hotel receptionist, foreigners, taxi drivers, police officers, you name one no anything about any disco!!!....boring ah ?

really close to Kunming there is an amazing and astonishing place....STONE FOREST , i.e. really a stone forest ... i don't know how it's possible to be totally natural....but it is, how in the hell some many big stones "fall down from the sky" in such restricted place??? be continued....

cheers...潘伯霖...i.e...pan bo lin...i.e...nuno

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