Thursday, May 10, 2007

Yunnan routes... big plans, just a lonely planet's guide, good mood, and flow throw the Yunnan province!!!

to be honest, before our flight to Kunming (Yunnan province's capital) me, João Alves, Rui Bom and Rui Rapazote didn't have any defined and detailed plan for our trip. Only our strategic masterminded João Alves add some knowledge about this adventure...but what the hell, what do we need a plan for?...just follow our "instincts"!!!...and a lonely planet's guide can be very helpful in these situations!

...we add the strictly basic information for the we were going, we just keep on asking questions about what should we visit and therefore...

so, just to localize you Yunnan province is in the southwest of China.
northwest of the province are Bhutan and Tibet is also near.
west and southwest of the province is Burma.
south of the province is Laos and Vietnam.
(check the map...picture "stolen" form Rui Rapazote's blog...i'll give the link later)

(this one you can see "catch" our trekking routes!!!)

mr. João Alves.....非常感激你 (i.e. fei chang gan ji ni)...meaning "i'm very greatfull to you!"...

greetz to all!

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