Thursday, June 28, 2007


here is a simple sample of the chinglish signs i saw in the wild elephants natural park in Yunnan Province during the may vacations...the album is fantastic... will learn "chinglish" with the album!!!

by 潘伯霖

i am @ home

do you know this feeling?...of course you do!...everyone does! you know what am i talking about!!!

you know that deep breath that you take when you are away from home for a while and on your way back you so anxious that you just want to arrive fast...

...that's what i felt the when i came back from Yunnan Province (my may vacations on the southwest of china) as well as when i returned from Hangzhou (a month ago)...i felt HOME! (click it check my home @ beijing)

when i got out of the airplane i just had that comfortable feeling like "so good to come back home!"...

...yes, i can honestly say that beijing feels like home!!! and it's becoming better and better as my chinese improve!

by yours "partly-chinese" 潘伯霖

hot...and next day even HOTTER

this photo was "stolen" from joão medina's blog

the end of last week was unbelievable hot!!!....

it was 40ºC but it felt like much more!!!

but since the Chinese government has a law that says that the people that work in construction can skip the day if it is more than 40ºC so the government gives others to all the media interpreters and "sabotage" all the street temperature display panels!!!

you can only work, sleep and survive with a/c !!!

but because the a/c is responsible for 20% to 30% of energy wast in the summer, the chinese government decided to control the a/c and they only refresh the air till 26ºC.
the question is how they control it?...i really don't know!
don't make the mistake of asking: is it possible to control?...a clear answer: this is China!

a big "hot" kiss/hug to all of you!!!

by 潘伯霖

Monday, June 18, 2007

1º passo, auto-reconhecimento

dado este ser um tema sensível e apesar de ter deixado este post, em inglês, aqui durante umas horas depois fiquei a pensar e penso ser matéria demasiado sensível e propensa a polémicas por isso fica só em português. (até porque a maior parte dos meus colegas e amigos de trabalho sabem do meu blog e o post poderia criar-me problemas indesejados).

seja como for, eu que tanto falo bem deste país não posso fechar os olhos às coisas más que aqui acontecem e existem.

sendo eu um dos maiores críticos á falta de civismo de uma grande parte da população chinesa não poderia deixar passar em claro o novo "requelame" dos Jogos Olimpicos de Pequim 2008...

Não é minha intenção "magoar" os chineses ou a cultura chinesa...
Eu gosto imenso deste país...
Sou feliz aqui...
Estou grato a todos os chineses que me acolheram tão bem e ajudaram na minha integração...
não tenho qualquer razão de queixa dos chineses para comigo, e só tenho a falar bem...
não posso fechar os meus olhos a certo tipo de coisas...

esta spot publicitário penso que será o 1º passo para a china e os chineses aperceberem-se que de facto há uma grande falta de civismo...nada o que aparece no video é realidade e o normal é acontecer exactamente o contrário na china.
mas também sou da opinião que com o tempo e a "pressão" governamental este grande povo pode mudar e aprender regras e condutas básicas de civismo.

p.s. não posso dizer que o que vemos no video aconteça sempre em portugal e que todos os portugueses se comportem desta forma, o mesmo aplicando-se aos outros países. Mas que de facto há uma grande distância entre o "nosso" civismo e o dos chineses...isso existe!!!

Hail China!!!

by 潘伯霖

Sunday, June 17, 2007


for basketball sneakers fans...

...last friday i bought the lastest Gilbert Arenas sneakers (Agent Zero - Gil Zero) for RMB 200...(around 20€)...

you have to love china!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

hou hai lake

hou hai lake is just north of the Forbidden City...

it's a very beautiful place which absolutely deserves a visit!!!

big lake....small boats....birds....ducks....surrounded by nice restaurants, bar and small squares where chinese dance as a part of their exercise and therapy!...

well....the videos and the photos will tell you the rest!

by 潘伯霖 !

1 to chinese "hand-language"

Friday, June 8, 2007

a little of nostalgy

...6 months ago...

...a little of nostalgic never made any harm....

this happen on the 13-day formation i had between November 16th to 29th in Lisbon.

on the last day, they call some persons (4 to 9 at a time) and said the name of the companies which we were going to....and after saying it for the all the (4 to 9) persons they would say something like: "and the common thing between this people is that: ....."

...check the result for yourselves!


...but before all this big emotions we sang the 10th edition INOV CONTACTO's song!

by 潘伯霖。。。

being emigrant

it's impressive the kind of things you have access to being an emigrant...

you get to meet the Portuguese Ambassador...Rui Quartin dos Santos
you have the opportunity to meet the Portuguese Premier Minister...José Socrátes
you get invite to official receptions on the House of Portugal (Portuguese Embassy)...

...a whole world of possibilities are open to you, you have an open door to people with "influent" position available to help you...

next monday evening i'll be again in a reception at the Portuguese Embassy...
...reason???....celebration of the Day of Portugal (June 10th)

here you have a photo of all my portuguese friends in beijing (the ones that came with me in the same program - INOV CONTACTO).

(from left to right: António Larguesa, Alexandra Paulino, Susansa Sousa, Nuno Mendes, Gonçalo Santos, Sr. Embaixador Rui Quartin dos Santos, Marta Marques, David Loução, João Medina, and myself - Nuno Pereira).

by yours 潘伯霖

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

only in china ! ! !

today appear, in the portuguese press, a ... chinese news (i have no words to describe it)

...i translated it for you!

Waiting for the sentence

In China, inside a cage-jail, some dogs awaits the moment to be killed. Some animal-rights-movements are, obviously, against this acts, not because the concept itself but by the way these dogs are murdered. The Chinese believe that dogs' meat, considered a specialty of Asian's cuisine, becomes tastier if the dogs dye with fear, so they let them caged close to the local where their former "friends" died so they can feel, smell and hear the moment of death

...only in china ! ! !

by 潘伯霖...

Saturday, June 2, 2007

...coming soon to shanghai...and i'll be there!!!

in october @ shanghai....another dream coming true!?!