Wednesday, July 25, 2007


on July, 23th made exactly half year i landed in CHINA!

would it be just a half year of many half-years to come?
who knows?

i'll keep you posted!...
..6 months from which i want to take the most experience (professional, personal...and, of course, traveling) ! ! !

this post is just a mark in my chinese-life-experience!
it's been 6 amazing months! i feel a fortune person for my last half-year...there is only one thing missing...BEIJING BECAME A HOME!

by nuno, pan bo lin, 潘伯霖

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Cuandixia . . . a sunday day trip

On 8th of July i went to a small lovely village 90km west of beijing - Cuandixia!

it's one of those small chinese symbolic villages full.
a place where live more less 70 families and everything is shared among all.
it's on the cost of the mountain and you can see, sense and breath the ancient china in the simple life of these people...definitely a place to refresh your spirit and get away from the big city environment!

see for yourself....

Cuandixia photos! . . . click to check the photos

Saturday, July 21, 2007

nuclear power station

like the world already knows...
...a big nuclear power station just outside beijing! comments

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


i'm so happy today! was the day with the most clear blue sky since i arrive to beijing! could see as far as your eye-sight could!!!

you know those beautiful and perfect pictures that we see of some places on the net...well, today was one of those days to "catch" this pictures!!! so beautiful!!!! clear blue sky with none pollution-clouds!

i just felt sorry because i don't any close window to my desk!...and today was really one of those days that the outside brightness would lighten-up your day...

no pictures of the camera with me! sorry! (anyway, if you wish to know what i'm talking about just google "beijing pics"!

nuno, pan buo lin, 潘伯霖

Sunday, July 15, 2007

last expensive shopping

well, after searching and searching for nice shoes in markets with only fake stuff i couldn't fine anything nice... i turned to non-fake shoe stores and last week i found a very nice one with great shoes with chinese brands.

the result?...i bought 2 nice pairs of real-leather shoes
price? want the total or by pair? lol....RMB 560 (more less €56)

very very very expensive...don't you think? least for the kind of prices i'm used to now!

by 潘伯霖

undiscovered street

yesterday night antónio and claudia suggested to have dinner in a recovered hutong (name for the old and poor chinese neighborhoods)... first it sounded strange, but only after we try an opinion why not go?

so we went, and when i arrived there i found out that place is considered the best recovered place in the last two at beijing.

imagine a chinese traditional with no high-building, just a tight street full of chinese small houses, many of which are nice little quite bars, little shops and stores, and restaurants. Most of the bars and restaurant have a large balcony on the roofs (since each house has only 1 floor) and you can seat there with a peaceful and calm environment...

and a surprising news- you couldn't see any high-building on the surroundings, and you couldn't hear any car...and you could see trees...very nice place! very very nice!

a place to come back again and again and again!

here the dinner pictures, some other day i will ride my bicycle there and take pictures of the street itself.

by 潘伯霖

Saturday, July 14, 2007

alé barça alé....oooohohohoo alé barça alé!!!


already got the tickets!!!! to join me?!?

basketball on a bunker!!!

Finally after a long and big search i found some friends to play basketball!

well, after playing outside in the 1st weekend....and we melted playing under 35!!!!

the 2nd time the chinese friends choose a very unusual place...
...well i enter the taxi, call my chinese friend to explain to the taxi driver where and i get dropped in the entrance of a hutong (poor neighborhoods in beijing) i was like..."where am i?"
i saw some kids with basket balls and asked where was the place...they pointed at the hutong and said we had to enter and i was like "sounds too strange!"...

so me and joão entered and after some meters we see this...

we enter and start going down some stairs...what did we find....the down down down there was a a big room with arcade machines, pools and other things and if you go a little down you have a great fresh basketball sounds like a bunker right?...and, maybe it really is!!!!

look at this detail...the light in the bar are "Spalding basketballs"

great place, great games!....and from now on i'm going there!

by 潘伯霖

Sunday, July 8, 2007

my work post

for the most curious here is it...

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

strange darkness

last wednesday happened a really strange climate phenomenon... a matter of seconds the sky just turned dark and at 13h30m seemed it was late at night...

...explanation???...don't have... was funny and interesting moment, all archway's staff was standing at the window and i just kept saying..."does some has a digital camera? Can some one take pictures?"...we tried with some mobile phones but the pictures were bad...and this monday Dillon sends me an email with the pictures...thank you so much Dillon!

by 潘伯霖

Sunday, July 1, 2007

after 5 months

Last saturday, june 23rd, made exactly 5 months since i land in China!!

many things have happen, many stories weren't told, many feelings arised, many places were visited...and many experiences were lived

conclusion: it's been A M A Z I N G ! ! !


  1. i can speak a little of chinese!
  2. i can eat with chopsticks
  3. my chinese is enough to travel all over the country
  4. i made new friends!
  5. i gain valuable professional experience
  6. i'm still waiting for a lot of friends to visit me...when are you coming???
  7. and it's been more than worthwhile
  8. hail china!...i'm in love with this country!
  9. hail the chinese!!...because of their good heart and great hospitality!
  10. how about the future ?!?!
Well, despite being openly criticizing china, chinese government and other stuff, i have to show my great gratefulness to all the chinese who received me so well!...thank you my friends! you made it easy to adapt to this great country!

About China, well, let me just tell you this - me and my friend's have been receiving a lot of people that come to visit us and china...and, to be honest, i don't remember one that didn't fall in love with this country! my only words are : YOU JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING!!!

a big big big hug to all of you!!!...see you....someday!!!

by nuno...or chinese name -
潘伯霖 (pan bo lin)