Saturday, July 14, 2007

basketball on a bunker!!!

Finally after a long and big search i found some friends to play basketball!

well, after playing outside in the 1st weekend....and we melted playing under 35!!!!

the 2nd time the chinese friends choose a very unusual place...
...well i enter the taxi, call my chinese friend to explain to the taxi driver where and i get dropped in the entrance of a hutong (poor neighborhoods in beijing) i was like..."where am i?"
i saw some kids with basket balls and asked where was the place...they pointed at the hutong and said we had to enter and i was like "sounds too strange!"...

so me and joão entered and after some meters we see this...

we enter and start going down some stairs...what did we find....the down down down there was a a big room with arcade machines, pools and other things and if you go a little down you have a great fresh basketball sounds like a bunker right?...and, maybe it really is!!!!

look at this detail...the light in the bar are "Spalding basketballs"

great place, great games!....and from now on i'm going there!

by 潘伯霖

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