Sunday, July 1, 2007

after 5 months

Last saturday, june 23rd, made exactly 5 months since i land in China!!

many things have happen, many stories weren't told, many feelings arised, many places were visited...and many experiences were lived

conclusion: it's been A M A Z I N G ! ! !


  1. i can speak a little of chinese!
  2. i can eat with chopsticks
  3. my chinese is enough to travel all over the country
  4. i made new friends!
  5. i gain valuable professional experience
  6. i'm still waiting for a lot of friends to visit me...when are you coming???
  7. and it's been more than worthwhile
  8. hail china!...i'm in love with this country!
  9. hail the chinese!!...because of their good heart and great hospitality!
  10. how about the future ?!?!
Well, despite being openly criticizing china, chinese government and other stuff, i have to show my great gratefulness to all the chinese who received me so well!...thank you my friends! you made it easy to adapt to this great country!

About China, well, let me just tell you this - me and my friend's have been receiving a lot of people that come to visit us and china...and, to be honest, i don't remember one that didn't fall in love with this country! my only words are : YOU JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE MISSING!!!

a big big big hug to all of you!!!...see you....someday!!!

by nuno...or chinese name -
潘伯霖 (pan bo lin)

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