Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Little Cloud never went to the beach!!!

just had one great conversation now! . . . and i just can't resist not writing this right away in the blog!

the conversation was with some chinese friend of mine . . . let's call the person in question (the victim of my post) . . . well, let's call her Little Cloud!


Little Cloud: I never been to the beach!
Nuno: Wwwwwwhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaatttttt????????????
Little Cloud: No! Never!
Nuno: you are really weird!
Nuno: Joy, have you ever been to the beach?
Joy: Yes!
Nuno: Lisa, have you ever been to the beach?
Lisa: Yes!
Nuno: Robert, have you ever been to the beach?
Robert: Yes!
Nuno: Cher, have you ever been to the beach?
Cher: Yes!
Nuno: Little Cloud, you are weird!
Cher: Little Cloud, don't tell me you never been to the beach?
Nuno: Carlos, have you ever been to the beach?
Carlos: eeeeaaahhhh....yes!
Nuno: see Little Cloud, you're weird!...you NEVER been to the beach!?!
Carlos: You never been to the beach?????????????
Little Cloud: i never had time!
Nuno: what?????
Little Cloud: I never had the chance! it's REASONABLE!!!
Nuno: it's reasonable?
Little Cloud: YEAH!
Nuno: I'm gonna write a post to you!....right now!

2 minutes after a seated in the desk i get this thought messenger (quoting Little Cloud): believe "me, it is common for people never been to a beach in China"

如果你说这样!- if you say so!

for "legal" purposes it's better not to mean the english name of my chinese friend!...maybe she can sue me! ;)

surprised ? ? ?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

dinning...@ darkness!

yesterday i had the funniest experience!

i went for dinning at Whale Inside Dark Restaurant (click it for more info)!

well...basically: the restaurant is a complete darkness and you can't see anything at ALL!...
the waitresses have night vision cams!
it's thrilling, terrifying and funny!...you really get the impression what it's to be blind!

just imagine waitresses that don't speak english, putting a dish in front of you and picking up your hand to show you the dish is in front of you!
...what do you do after?...well, let's say that your hands invade the dish, touch everything, get so scares and 2 seconds after you give up eat with knife, fork or spoon...you use your hands like Robin Hood!

...you really don't know what are you eating!this is what i saw for the hour and a half we were there!...small tinny red lights signalizing the waitresses and 2 green dots...their night vision cams!

is the most interesting experience! everything is shocking and astonishing!

you can't imagine the kind of sensations you've got!

my experience mates were alexandra, joão, claudia, ricardo, gonçalo, m.joão, antonio!...

a dinner to remember for sure! LOL

p.s. unfortunately it's not allowed to take digital cameras or anything that can give light! therefore there isn't any photo or any video of the dinner! (my guess is: they really don't want us to see the decoration of the restaurant!! LOL)

greets to all!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Qingdao - chapter III - beach curiosities!

well... you would believe how much there is to tell about the chinese-style-beach!

it was an excitement going again to the beach one year after...and in china!...i was really anxious and without knowing what to expect!...

let's start with some curiosities/facts/rules you certainly will find once you visit a chinese beach:

  1. mostly everyone don't use a beach towel
    ...where do they lay down?... pretty much in the sand... and some on newspaper pages or plastic bags!
  2. no one uses parasol...they use umbrellas
    in china, specially in the north people (woman) appreciate a lot white skin, therefore they all go the beach with their own umbrella, why? ... i think is because man love white skin, and for my understanding they believe white skin means purity!
    at leas 70% of the skin product sold in china is all about whitening the skin!
  3. what do they wear on the beach?...well they wear what in europe was used maybe 50 years ago!...
    bathsuits; bikini with big "top" parts and lower parts with skirt incorporate;
    basically there is an intrinsic rule: you should be ashamed to show your body!...therefore there are ladies that even took bath with dresses!
all i have to say is that it's a great EXPERIENCE to go to a chinese beach! there just so many different things out there...things you won't even imagine...and it's really funny to watch them!

just another tinny curiosity: the chinese parents totally dedicate their time to their children on the beach. So you just need to look around and watch parents doing sand-castles as well as other games/activities...it's rewarding! (for my point of view, in this aspect, they're rule models!)

well...let's cut the crap....where's some pics and video! (you can also click here to see the photos!)

. . . to be continued . . .

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Qingdao - chapter II - seaside sidewalk

seeing the ocean again!...after 10 months!

first of all let me introduce you to my trip mates to Qingdao...

antónio...the journalist!

anita... my chinese teacher (there was also a friend of anita...but i miss her name...sorry)

saturday morning we left the hostel by foot driving into the Qingdao streets searching for the ocean!...on our way there we passed in interesting streets and a market (but i will tell you about it later). today let's concentrate in the thrilling moments before seeing the ocean again! and the nice sidewalk side-by-side with the ocean where green landscapes mixes with ocean/beach landscapes...quite nice ah!

see for yourselves (you can click here to see the pics)! . . . to be continued . . .

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Qingdao - chapter I

a weekend outside beijing (18-19 August, 2007)

...after more than 10 months no seeing the ocean and beach (counting the 7 months i'm in china) . . . finally i sense it again!

Qingdao is a beach city in china one-hour flight southeast beijing!

it's known for it's annual beer festival!...and because it's one of the closest beaches from beijing!

it was occupied by germans during the 19th century and by japanese in the beginning of the 20th century!

Sketch map of Qingdao in 1906

the reason why i went there??? - 3 reasons:
  1. see the beach, ocean and swim on it
  2. check out the beer festival
  3. get outside beijing after 7 weeks here
present pics of the city

this is just the 1st chapter...i have so many things to tell you! (lot of curiosities and stories to share with you)!

August 18-19th weekend, 2007 . . .
to be continued . . .

by 潘伯霖

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Beijing Guo'An vs. Barcelona

i told u... and i was there!
it wasn't a great game...but it was fun!
my journey companions: antonio and ricardo!


  • the game was played in Fengtai stadium on the southwest part of the city (maybe 30km or more away from my home)
  • the game was in beijing, as you know, but you hardly hardly could found a flag of the home team! (chinese market thinking!)
  • in stands, there were more foreigner singing for Beijing Guo'An than chinese!
  • there was a slight police intervention: 3 foreigners (Guo'An supporters) challenge a group 100 chinese that were supporting for Barcelona
  • antonio and ricardo were interviewed by the chinese TV and some days after they're passing in the nation-wide TV news!
    • minor details - antonio speach to chinese TV: "I'm supporting Beijing Guo'An! I don't care about Barcelona stars! We have our own stars...but i don't know their names!"; "Guo'An will win 3-0!"; "I'm a Guo'An supporter since i'm a child!"
      • minor minor detail - Beijing Guo'An was founded in 1992 and antonio was born in 1983!
here you have some pictures (just click here) and 2 videos!
small note: portuguese mothers don't let your kids watch the 1st video...(higher ranked shitty portuguese words!)

a supporting shear!...or maybe not!

who says Guo'An lost 3-0 after seeing this dominance!

by 潘伯霖

and i'll give you...finally...my Chinese Teacher

i should did this long time ago...
but, lately i don't have much free time!

but...i had to present you my best chinese friend...
...my chinese teacher...Zhao Yan...in english : Anita

Anita and João Medina (two great friendship relationships born in China)

my public BIG THANKS to you Anita!
she's been great to me!
a great teacher...you'll notice in my chinese next time you meet me! lol ;)
she's a big "source" where i can ask and learn about the greatness of the Chinese people and Culture...and beyond this, i own a real friend!

The guy in the picture is an ex-expat in beijing - João Medina - who left last month. Another great friend I made in China!...Abraço grande Medina!

by 潘伯霖