Tuesday, August 14, 2007

and i'll give you...finally...my Chinese Teacher

i should did this long time ago...
but, lately i don't have much free time!

but...i had to present you my best chinese friend...
...my chinese teacher...Zhao Yan...in english : Anita

Anita and João Medina (two great friendship relationships born in China)

my public BIG THANKS to you Anita!
she's been great to me!
a great teacher...you'll notice in my chinese next time you meet me! lol ;)
she's a big "source" where i can ask and learn about the greatness of the Chinese people and Culture...and beyond this, i own a real friend!

The guy in the picture is an ex-expat in beijing - João Medina - who left last month. Another great friend I made in China!...Abraço grande Medina!

by 潘伯霖


guida lucena said...

Nuno, gostaria de fazer beijing-lhasa en Outubro. Em pesquisa encontrei o seu blogue, a reboque do do medina, ja regressado! Acho interessantes e vou visitá-lo. Será aborrecido que lhe faça algumas perguntas sobre essa terra para mim totalmente desconhecida?

JMPP said...

Saudades, saudades...
Quando será que volto?