Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Beijing Guo'An vs. Barcelona

i told u... and i was there!
it wasn't a great game...but it was fun!
my journey companions: antonio and ricardo!


  • the game was played in Fengtai stadium on the southwest part of the city (maybe 30km or more away from my home)
  • the game was in beijing, as you know, but you hardly hardly could found a flag of the home team! (chinese market thinking!)
  • in stands, there were more foreigner singing for Beijing Guo'An than chinese!
  • there was a slight police intervention: 3 foreigners (Guo'An supporters) challenge a group 100 chinese that were supporting for Barcelona
  • antonio and ricardo were interviewed by the chinese TV and some days after they're passing in the nation-wide TV news!
    • minor details - antonio speach to chinese TV: "I'm supporting Beijing Guo'An! I don't care about Barcelona stars! We have our own stars...but i don't know their names!"; "Guo'An will win 3-0!"; "I'm a Guo'An supporter since i'm a child!"
      • minor minor detail - Beijing Guo'An was founded in 1992 and antonio was born in 1983!
here you have some pictures (just click here) and 2 videos!
small note: portuguese mothers don't let your kids watch the 1st video...(higher ranked shitty portuguese words!)

a supporting shear!...or maybe not!

who says Guo'An lost 3-0 after seeing this dominance!

by 潘伯霖

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Aline said...


Nem preciso dizer para vc aproveitar cada minuto de sua vida pq ja fazes isso muito bem... mas quero que se recorde das pessoas que partilham de sua felicidade... e das pessoas mesmo que distantes torcem para que tudo na sua vida de certo! Com carinho de sua amiga Aline