Sunday, August 26, 2007

dinning...@ darkness!

yesterday i had the funniest experience!

i went for dinning at Whale Inside Dark Restaurant (click it for more info)!

well...basically: the restaurant is a complete darkness and you can't see anything at ALL!...
the waitresses have night vision cams!
it's thrilling, terrifying and funny! really get the impression what it's to be blind!

just imagine waitresses that don't speak english, putting a dish in front of you and picking up your hand to show you the dish is in front of you!
...what do you do after?...well, let's say that your hands invade the dish, touch everything, get so scares and 2 seconds after you give up eat with knife, fork or use your hands like Robin Hood! really don't know what are you eating!this is what i saw for the hour and a half we were there!...small tinny red lights signalizing the waitresses and 2 green dots...their night vision cams!

is the most interesting experience! everything is shocking and astonishing!

you can't imagine the kind of sensations you've got!

my experience mates were alexandra, joão, claudia, ricardo, gonçalo, m.joão, antonio!...

a dinner to remember for sure! LOL

p.s. unfortunately it's not allowed to take digital cameras or anything that can give light! therefore there isn't any photo or any video of the dinner! (my guess is: they really don't want us to see the decoration of the restaurant!! LOL)

greets to all!!!

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