Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Little Cloud never went to the beach!!!

just had one great conversation now! . . . and i just can't resist not writing this right away in the blog!

the conversation was with some chinese friend of mine . . . let's call the person in question (the victim of my post) . . . well, let's call her Little Cloud!


Little Cloud: I never been to the beach!
Nuno: Wwwwwwhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaatttttt????????????
Little Cloud: No! Never!
Nuno: you are really weird!
Nuno: Joy, have you ever been to the beach?
Joy: Yes!
Nuno: Lisa, have you ever been to the beach?
Lisa: Yes!
Nuno: Robert, have you ever been to the beach?
Robert: Yes!
Nuno: Cher, have you ever been to the beach?
Cher: Yes!
Nuno: Little Cloud, you are weird!
Cher: Little Cloud, don't tell me you never been to the beach?
Nuno: Carlos, have you ever been to the beach?
Carlos: eeeeaaahhhh....yes!
Nuno: see Little Cloud, you're weird!...you NEVER been to the beach!?!
Carlos: You never been to the beach?????????????
Little Cloud: i never had time!
Nuno: what?????
Little Cloud: I never had the chance! it's REASONABLE!!!
Nuno: it's reasonable?
Little Cloud: YEAH!
Nuno: I'm gonna write a post to you!....right now!

2 minutes after a seated in the desk i get this thought messenger (quoting Little Cloud): believe "me, it is common for people never been to a beach in China"

如果你说这样!- if you say so!

for "legal" purposes it's better not to mean the english name of my chinese friend!...maybe she can sue me! ;)

surprised ? ? ?

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