Saturday, August 25, 2007

Qingdao - chapter III - beach curiosities!

well... you would believe how much there is to tell about the chinese-style-beach!

it was an excitement going again to the beach one year after...and in china!...i was really anxious and without knowing what to expect!...

let's start with some curiosities/facts/rules you certainly will find once you visit a chinese beach:

  1. mostly everyone don't use a beach towel
    ...where do they lay down?... pretty much in the sand... and some on newspaper pages or plastic bags!
  2. no one uses parasol...they use umbrellas
    in china, specially in the north people (woman) appreciate a lot white skin, therefore they all go the beach with their own umbrella, why? ... i think is because man love white skin, and for my understanding they believe white skin means purity!
    at leas 70% of the skin product sold in china is all about whitening the skin!
  3. what do they wear on the beach?...well they wear what in europe was used maybe 50 years ago!...
    bathsuits; bikini with big "top" parts and lower parts with skirt incorporate;
    basically there is an intrinsic rule: you should be ashamed to show your body!...therefore there are ladies that even took bath with dresses!
all i have to say is that it's a great EXPERIENCE to go to a chinese beach! there just so many different things out there...things you won't even imagine...and it's really funny to watch them!

just another tinny curiosity: the chinese parents totally dedicate their time to their children on the beach. So you just need to look around and watch parents doing sand-castles as well as other games/'s rewarding! (for my point of view, in this aspect, they're rule models!)

well...let's cut the crap....where's some pics and video! (you can also click here to see the photos!)

. . . to be continued . . .

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