Saturday, October 27, 2007

3 things to know about chinese culture

close to the end of this 9 months in china, finally i tell you about 3 curious things of the chinese culture that i've been wanting to tell you for already a long time but never had will enough.

so it goes:

  1. chinese have the terrible habit of spitting any time they feel like (which is a lot of times). this happens everywhere, it's not only in non-big-city environments, in all my trips in china i've seen this! The "spitters" are mostly men but you can also see women spitting as well! It's just a terrible disgusting habit!

    therefore now and then the chinese government or local authorities create some actions and/or laws to try to contain this....but none of which has been successful! here's 2 examples:
    • around march, shanghai local authorities approved some kind of rule that said that the taxis there should have a "spitting-box". you know which was the reason presented by them for that action?...fabulous...they said that since all the taxi drivers keep opening the car window (either they were free, with some customer or stopped) and spit, so the local authorities were concern about the bad image for the tourists and wanted to avoid some situation like: a taxi driver justs opens his car window and spits (without even checking if someone is near - this is absolutely normal) and maybe they can "score" in a tourist....which i can bet you that happen before!
    • for the olympic games the chinese government implemented a new penalty (at least in beijing) saying that whoever gets caught spitting have to pay a fine of RMB 50 (around €5)...but never seen anyone give any kind of warning/notice to the "spitters" my opinion is that this is just another chinese government public image move...

      Note: i have to say that most of this chinese that i've mentioning isn't people with proper education...but still, my guess is, they are more than 95% of the chinese population!!!

  2. smoking!...china is probably the country in the world where the percentage of population that smokes is higher! but the funny thing is: women mostly don't smoke. so this is a cultural issue!...accordingly to my smoking friends the cigarettes are weaker than europe (and you can see here all the famous brands of cigarettes being copied! news on that, this is china!), and the cigarettes packs are really cheap...around €1!
    therefore i see this as a very interesting thing as well, since this is the country where from old ladies around 60 or 70 years old till young persons like 20 years old everyone keeps saying to me "you shouldn't do this" or "you shouldn't eat this, or drink this since is bad for your health...", etc....but the smoking issue, it just goes on and on!

  3. chinese relaxing position: here's something interesting, as you can see in the following photo, this is the chinese relaxing position!.....they eat like this (workers of the buildings on the street), they rest like this, i just haven't seen anyone sleeping like this but i'm sure if i keep searching i'll find on!...
    i tried this position many times...but can't stand more than 10 seconds because is too tiring! lol

well....sorry for the long post, most of you must have notice by now that i don't like to write long posts....but anyway is something that really wanted to tell you for a long time! 潘伯霖

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mae said...

I see. Like many westerners, you are very much interested in discovering all the negative things about Chinese.

Are you sure that all Chinese are spitters, smokers, and squarters?

I doubt that... :-)