Saturday, October 27, 2007

goodbyes and future...

this is the goodbye post!...till january!

from 1st post (click here to check it) to last...

i'm really anxious to go back and meet my family, friends and specially my girlfriend!
i feel fortune to have this opportunity and i feel really happy because i achieved all my goals for this year:
- get the most experience of the internship
- use the opportunity of the internship and launch my international career
- learn chinese language
- travel the most i can inside china

all done!...that's why since i agreed terms with Archway my anxiety about leaving china stopped and started the anxiety to go back to portugal!...can you guess why?

so...for you to know here's my itinerary till my return to china:
- arriving in portugal tomorrow (28th october - 22h45m)
- 8th to 14th november i'll be in england (london and oxford)
- 30th november till 8th december - spain (barcelona, zaragoza and madrid)
- 12th to 27th december - brasil (rio grande de sul)
- middle january comeback to home this year and the next 2 years!

and the thing i feel most more fortune is...

...look who's coming with me to china in january! girlfriend Andreia!
...the moment we decide to come together to china was the happiest moment i had during my stay in china! puzzle will be complete! could i be more happy than i am?


big kisses and hugs to all my family and friends!

... to be continued in january ... nuno, pan bo lin, 潘伯霖


Clave de Sol said...

You're a winner Nuno. O hope everything goes well and I hope that all of your dreams come true. Hope to see you soon, in China, in Portugal or somewhere else. A big, big kiss. Alex

Clave de Sol said...

Congratulations my friend, you're a winner. I hope everything runs well and that your new life starting next year brings you lots of good things. See you soon, in China, in Portugal or somewhere else. A big big kiss. Alex

aL said...

és um fofo. tb te amo, gato! ;)

como dizem os teus amigos brasucas, "valeu, cara!"