Wednesday, October 3, 2007

trip to guilin...a "re-born"!

back to the blog after almost one month without any post...i'm sorry!

well, i came back to tell about about my middle september trip to the south of china!
destination: guilin!
date: septembter 13th to 16th, 2007
companions for the trip: anita (my chinese teacher, and a couple o new zealands we met once we arrive there - reuben and victoria)
Guilin in locate in the south province of china - Guangxi!

it's a gorgeous place...that definitely deserves a visit!'s close to yangshuo village and longshen rice fields...that later i'll post for you!

...sorry, but for this trip i will let the pictures speak for themselves!

elephant trunk hill in guilin

a relaxing moment!

just click here to see all the album!

a small bamboo shaft trip around the elephants trunk hill...and a little surprise for you (me speaking chinese! ;) lol)

a walking at night on the street and what do you see?!?!

enjoy it!

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