Sunday, October 14, 2007

a nice september saturday

a statue in Tienanmen

south part of Tienanmen

well....this post comes really late...but better late then never, right?

this is the photo-documentary of a well spent september saturday afternoon on the south of Tienanmen's square.

a tea demonstration on a street-shop

me, antonio e alexandra went there to explore a hutong (old beijing's neighborhood) and a Mosque (with chinese influence).

me and antonio couldn't resist and we embrace the chinese fashion....or not!

...and we ended up finding a very interesting place...the place where cinema was born in china...the first cinema of china where the first movie was shown to the public....a magical place!

1st cinema of china

hutong on the south on beijing

what a expositor on the front door of a shop

a photo in the mosque

by 潘伯霖...

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