Wednesday, October 3, 2007

yangshuo...a paradise on earth

after half a day in guilin me, anita, reuben and victoria rent a boat to go down the ribber to yangshuo (a small village 90km south of guilin)!

the boat trip was very refreshing despite the small boat and the 3h30m trip!...
the landscapes were amazing and so unusual!

we left guilin on friday early morning and the boat trip took all morning...once arrived in yangshuo awe just put our bags in the hostel, had lunch and went on a bicycle trekking lost in the beautiful'll see what i mean by the photos!

after the bicycle trekking, we had a quick shower and went to the the night fishing with the dark raven-ducks (that's how they call it)...and it's actually quick interesting since the fisherman just drive the boat and the ducks dive in the water and get fish but since they have a tight wire in their neck they can't swallow the fish, so the fisherman picks them up and make them spit the's quite interesting and unusual as well!

for the evening i went to a festival in the river with dozens of bamboo shaft, fisherman, dancers, children, lights...i'm speechless!

just click here to check yangshuo's photo album!

greetz to all, by 潘伯霖

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