Monday, February 11, 2008

ups...big coincidence

yesterday afternoon i was going to wanfujing (one of the most commercial avenues of beijing) and as i was walking on the subway station's big corridors i saw this poster..."impossible is nothing"

... i get out of wanfujing subway station and move along the avenue...and i look at my left side and what do i see?...something familiar but with some differences..."anything is possible"

...and i start thinking..."i saw something like this just a few moments ago"...5 minutes later a light shines in my head..."impossible is nothing" i have to get back where ever i found i go back to the subway station to go back home...and there it was...

..."impossible is nothing"...hum, how cames two slogans of sport brands are so similar...or am i dreaming and it's a really strange coincidence?...

ah...there's a small brand is ADIDAS and the other is LI-NING (chinese)!

no comments....just bad luck for adidas i think! :P

Price Shock: Food Inflation in China

since i came back to china one of the things i'm noticing most is the food price and how crazy have been the marketers in shops like silkmarket and yashow (places where you can find really cheap prices for everything like sneakers, clothes, electronics, watches, etc). the marketers start with such a high price that i get irritate instantly and don't even start barging with them...i just get the hell out of there and ask to myself...what happened is this 2 months i was outside china...

...well, here's a big part of the answer!

get it?

Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) - Beijing vs. Hong Kong

this is a very funny's called "sexy beijing" can subscribe it in youtube!

for now just take a look of su fei's latest sketch!

nice ah?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

archway annual party

the opening of the party

on January 16th, just 2 days after i got back to company held its annual party...

...well, let me say to you that was really funny...and has usual i was "the clown" of the party...

there were a lot of games to be played and in each of them, the organizers (archway's staff) would randomly pick up the participants...and i don't know why i was almost always chosen!

see for yourself

since i lost a game...they punished me and made me eat a really unpleasant cake!

alice is preparing me for the funniest game of the night!'ll'll see!
the final result...alice is so talent,isn't she?...i DON'T AGREE! :D

a video of the game...or you prefer

last but not least....the 4 portuguese getting ready for the passarele and a dance...
me, hugo, carlos and tiago...the 4 portuguese of Archway

me and carlos signing karaoke...a portuguese song that i didn't had a clue!

angela, charles and me...but at least in the end i own several prizes! comments? :D

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

now tell me "the chinese copy everything"!


just see how microsoft competes in "their" monopoly...

nice ah!....

Monday, February 4, 2008

新年快乐 (100th post)

Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐

As all of us must be earing, there's a serious sequence of snow storms in south and southeast of china...but fortunately we just had some days of snow in beijing (i'll post something about it later).

Snow occasionally falls in southern cities like Hangzhou, but the recent crippling winter storms have been the worst in 50 years

But in my 100th post i will like to express my many thanks to this great country who received me so well and which i already feel myself a part of it!

I specially wish a Happy Chinese New Year for those who are suffering with the weather (having difficulties to arrive to their hometowns to meet their family for this important festivities, with no electricity, no eat, no water...)! I really hope your difficulties would be past on as fast as possible and that all of you may take a pleasant Spring Festival with your beloved ones!

Families in Chenzhou, part of Hunan Province, have been without electricity, water and heating for as long as 10 days.

I hope new like this one will end popping up now!

Cold Chinese Grow Angry Over Lack of Preparation

SHANGHAI — For two weeks running, much of this country, long known for its capacity for mass mobilization, has been tied in knots by a series of major snowstorms.

Although the snowfall has been described as the worst here in 50 years, it has been nothing like the deep cover that blankets parts of New England or the upper Midwest in many winters.

But its crippling effect seems to have been mostly because of surprise. The storm knocked out electricity and water supplies, threatened the coal supply that fuels the country’s power plants and stranded millions of Chinese on the eve of the year’s most important holiday.

Many of the worst effects have been in parts of east-central and southern China, which are largely unaccustomed to serious snowfall.

for the rest of the new see:

Font (text and pictures): New York Times

Saturday, February 2, 2008

cooming soon . . . @ beijing

just have a look on what's almost complete in beijing in terms of buildings!...

...and the CCTV new building mentioned in the video - my office desk as a big windows just in front of it!!!

the bird's nest

the water cube

the national theater

so...what do you think?...and this is just some of many buildings and constructions here for the olympics!!!

...the city is changing...everyday

beeting records...of negative temperatures

it's, now, been two weeks that i beat for the consecutive days the lowest temperature and wind chill i caught in my morning 6 km bicycle rides from home to the office!

well...the only thing i can say is that this makes me remind of the cold winter of 2005 in Finland!...

as you can see...

well...i can tell you one's freezing outside!

and by the way...the day before was -12ºC and the wind chill was -19ºC!