Monday, February 4, 2008

新年快乐 (100th post)

Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐

As all of us must be earing, there's a serious sequence of snow storms in south and southeast of china...but fortunately we just had some days of snow in beijing (i'll post something about it later).

Snow occasionally falls in southern cities like Hangzhou, but the recent crippling winter storms have been the worst in 50 years

But in my 100th post i will like to express my many thanks to this great country who received me so well and which i already feel myself a part of it!

I specially wish a Happy Chinese New Year for those who are suffering with the weather (having difficulties to arrive to their hometowns to meet their family for this important festivities, with no electricity, no eat, no water...)! I really hope your difficulties would be past on as fast as possible and that all of you may take a pleasant Spring Festival with your beloved ones!

Families in Chenzhou, part of Hunan Province, have been without electricity, water and heating for as long as 10 days.

I hope new like this one will end popping up now!

Cold Chinese Grow Angry Over Lack of Preparation

SHANGHAI — For two weeks running, much of this country, long known for its capacity for mass mobilization, has been tied in knots by a series of major snowstorms.

Although the snowfall has been described as the worst here in 50 years, it has been nothing like the deep cover that blankets parts of New England or the upper Midwest in many winters.

But its crippling effect seems to have been mostly because of surprise. The storm knocked out electricity and water supplies, threatened the coal supply that fuels the country’s power plants and stranded millions of Chinese on the eve of the year’s most important holiday.

Many of the worst effects have been in parts of east-central and southern China, which are largely unaccustomed to serious snowfall.

for the rest of the new see:

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