Thursday, February 7, 2008

archway annual party

the opening of the party

on January 16th, just 2 days after i got back to company held its annual party...

...well, let me say to you that was really funny...and has usual i was "the clown" of the party...

there were a lot of games to be played and in each of them, the organizers (archway's staff) would randomly pick up the participants...and i don't know why i was almost always chosen!

see for yourself

since i lost a game...they punished me and made me eat a really unpleasant cake!

alice is preparing me for the funniest game of the night!'ll'll see!
the final result...alice is so talent,isn't she?...i DON'T AGREE! :D

a video of the game...or you prefer

last but not least....the 4 portuguese getting ready for the passarele and a dance...
me, hugo, carlos and tiago...the 4 portuguese of Archway

me and carlos signing karaoke...a portuguese song that i didn't had a clue!

angela, charles and me...but at least in the end i own several prizes! comments? :D

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aL said...

ca ganda palhaçada.. eeh fabuloso, fartei de rir com a imagem do palhacinho :) mto se trabalha por terras do oriente! ;)

gand'abraço, tongzhi!