Monday, February 11, 2008

ups...big coincidence

yesterday afternoon i was going to wanfujing (one of the most commercial avenues of beijing) and as i was walking on the subway station's big corridors i saw this poster..."impossible is nothing"

... i get out of wanfujing subway station and move along the avenue...and i look at my left side and what do i see?...something familiar but with some differences..."anything is possible"

...and i start thinking..."i saw something like this just a few moments ago"...5 minutes later a light shines in my head..."impossible is nothing" i have to get back where ever i found i go back to the subway station to go back home...and there it was...

..."impossible is nothing"...hum, how cames two slogans of sport brands are so similar...or am i dreaming and it's a really strange coincidence?...

ah...there's a small brand is ADIDAS and the other is LI-NING (chinese)!

no comments....just bad luck for adidas i think! :P

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