Thursday, April 17, 2008

famoso...até na china!!!...grande Rouxinol Faduncho

vejam lá o que eu descobri!

Rouxinol Faduncho e os seus cães de loiça...em chinês! (click não acreditam!)

...tem videos do homem e tudo!...é o maior!!!

e vejam lá quem são os artistas tugas que tão na coluna da direita!...
...sim, é ele mesmo...o nosso "outro" grande artista...Quim Barreiros!

Biba aos hóhmes!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Vitória de Guimarães ! ! ! CAMPEÕES ! ! !

...palavras para quê?!?!?....CAMPEÕES!!

...a cidade de Guimarães está em festa...e eu do outro lado do mundo também!

Parabéns ao Vitória de Guimarães Basket Club!!!!

Vencedor da Taça de Portugal 2008...ganhando ao bi-campeão nacional (Ovarense) nas meias-finais, e ex-vencedor da taça de Portugal (Porto) na final!!!

Ficam os videos dos últimos segundos da partida...

e dos festejos...

...e mais festejos...

...e mais festjos no Toural...

Abraço a Guimarães!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Why do Chinese Internet users like government controls?

what can i say...what can the world expect from the chinese general population with a mind-set like this...i rest my case!

...this is a news from the chinese website "danwei" (

" Deborah Fallows, a senior research fellow at Pew Internet & American Life Project, recently published a short paper packed full of commentary and stats about the Chinese Internet: usage habits, demographics, content, trust in online media, government controls etc.

Fallows' paper summarizes a survey funded by the New York-based Markle Foundation and directed by Mr. Guo Liang and his research team at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Below are some noteworthy excerpts from Fallows' paper:

• "most Chinese say they approve of internet control and management, especially when it comes from their government."

• "over 80% of respondents say they think the internet should be managed or controlled, and in 2007, almost 85% say they think the government should be responsible for doing it."

• "79% of Chinese said internet companies should manage or control the internet, just over two-thirds, 68%, identified parents, 64% schools, and 59% internet cafes."

• "87% of internet users would control or manage pornography; 86% violent content; 83% spam or junk mail; 66% advertisements; 64% slander against individuals."

• "Half of respondents said online games should be controlled, and more than one in four (27%) said online chatting should be controlled."

• "An influential and highly informed group of elite Chinese bloggers continues to test the limits and vigilance of the censors."

• "Declining trust in reliability of online content. Over four years of tracking user reaction, trust in the reliability of online content has fallen by one-half, from 52% in 2003 to 26% now."

• "Only about one-third of internet users (30%) said they considered online content reliable."

• "Three-quarters of respondents deemed reliable most or all the information on government websites, compared with 46% for pages from established media, 28% for results from search engines, 11% for content on bulletin boards and in advertisements, 4% for information from individuals' web pages, and 3% for postings in chat rooms."

• " 93% of internet users said they considered much of internet content to be unsuitable for children."

• "61%, thought internet users could easily become addicted to the internet, and the same number thought users could easily be affected by online pornography.

• "43%, said the internet could lure users into making the wrong kind of friends."

• "42% said internet use easily presented risks to personal or private information." "

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

west vs. east

the ocidental vs oriental me at least for chinese - it's true!

"a picture is worth more than a thousand words"...


3 meals in a day

expression of anger

net of contacts

elderly in day to day life

handling problems


moods and weather

noise in restaurant

in a party


queue when waiting

sundays on the road

the boss

the child

the trend



travel 潘伯霖