Sunday, May 11, 2008

beijing botanical garden


...well...better now than never!

...i'm sorry for lately leaving the blog on the shadows, personally i don't the real reason why i stop writing on it...maybe because i've been lazy lately!

on the last weekends of february, when is still cold, me, andreia, carlos, mariana, tiago and tomas (tiago's son) decided to take a look at beijing botanical garden!
of course we knew since the beginning that we couldn't expect to see flourished gardens, but we knew that there was a huge we went there to check it.

and i have to say that the greenhouse is a very beautiful and colorful place...but really hot and humid a tropical forest!

but there was a great surprise in this visit...just imagine what we found out?

...yeah, greenhouse is one of the favourite places in beijing for future and/or recent married couple to take photos for their marriage album...therefore we saw brides everywhere!

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