Friday, May 23, 2008

May 21st 2008 - the happiest night in beijing....and in moscow

May 21st's a date i'll never forget!

Champions League Final 2008 between Chelsea and the my heart's team Manchester United!

Me and a some friend arrange to meet in a bar around 2:30 a.m. (because that's the hour in China to see the game live!).
So at 2:30m a.m. there i was ready to see the match of the season!...but my friends never problem...i would see the game anywhere anyhow !

there I was at "the den" ready to see the match!...the bar was 50-50% teams fans!

and ronaldo scores and i couldn't contain myself and had to scream loud "GGGOOOOAAALLLL!!!"

but the luckely 1st hald Chelsea score just before halftime and i was really disappointed...but kept confident in a United win!

2nd half was tough and things seem going for a Chelsea goal...but we arrive to the end of the regular time with a equalizer in the scoreboard...

then extra-time and emotion were "dancing" on the air!

and it comes the lottery penalties....and ronaldo misses...and now i get really nervous but still confident!

....and than dear john terry misses....and the rest of the story you know!


well...i can tell that i was completely attached to the tv the whole game...and i can assure you that i've "suffer" a lot through out the game...

but the next day i could already take some jokes on the game...

just to finish...i left the bar at 6 a.m. and went home to slep 1 hour and to work!
and i don't need to tell you that the next day i was the happiest tired person in the company!


P.S. a special word to mister Ryan Giggs that on May 21st 2008 became the biggest Manchester United legend...even bigger than Bobby Charlton!

Nº1 United's player in European Games played
Nº1 United's player with games played with United shirt
Nº1 United's player with highest titles conquer (2 European Champions League - 1999 and 2008)

THANK YOU RYAN GIGGS!..the red devil!

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