Thursday, July 10, 2008


Last week of May i had a week of vacations with Andreia.
We went to Macau, HongKong, Hangzhou and Shanghai!

great vacations!

we started with Macau, where we were for 2 days!
first thing i felt about Macau was WOW!
We were coming from Zhuhai (Mainland China) and we cross the border there to Macau on GongBei. Once we pass through the chinese side, the first thing i saw was this... cool, right after the chinese characters you have portuguese...great, so easy...i wish it was like this in Beijing...there you have chinese characters and then pinyin!

We staid in some friends house...
Thank you João, Pedro and Marta for receiving us!

Macau still has two sides of a coin....on one side you still can see the portuguese language everywhere...streets have portuguese names, menus, informations...a part of the island is still very much portuguese- Taipa- , despite the number of portuguese is deacreasing and decreasing every year...but you still can get the feeling that you're in Portugal on the street walking!

...and of course you can find Portuguese food that i was wishing for a long time to "ameijoas á bolhão pato" (praws with a portuguese sauce)

...on the other side of the coin...Macau is now like Las Vegas...casinos are everywhere!...and are always open...24/7 with speed boats constantly coming from Hongkong and other places!

and there's even a casino that inside has an immitation of venece

The Venetian

to see the entire photo album of here

next station: Hong Kong...coming soon