Thursday, August 7, 2008

hong kong

after 2 and a half days in stop: hong kong!

first of all hong kong is a completely different city from any other city i ever seen!!!

hk is a really tall, noise and crowed city! if you think beijing is crowed, well, think again! is much worse since the street and avenues are no where near the size and width of it's a lot of people in a much smaller you have corredors above the roads which are the sidewalks of the people like this ones....

and since hong kong isn't flat as beijing...and it has mountains right on the back of the and in order to facilitate the movement of the people, they built the biggest escalator of the world....just more than 200 meters of escalators!!!

on rush hour, hk is soo noisy than when i was on the streets with andreia i had to talk to her close to her ear like we were in a's just incredibly noisy!

everyday at can go to the kowloon side (oposite side to hk seperated by the ocean) and watch a lights festival on the hong kong's some photos

the beauty of hong kong island is that you can easily take a bus and after 10 to 20 minutes you're on the south side of the island....on the beach....or you can visit the stanley market...or check the buddha on the mountains....and this was what i liked most in hong kong...everything is close and not like beijing that you need at least two hours by car, bus, train or plain just to have the chance to see real nature.

here's so more photos...

...definetely a place to visit again...and a place to live sometime in the future!

ciao hong kong!

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