Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the end...

dear all,

friends, family, and all of you who followed this blog...
...it's time to inform you that the chinese-beijing chapter of my life has ended by now...
and with it this blog also, so it's time to say goodbyes!

i guess some of you are asking "but why did he left china?"...
...i was working in a joint-venture company between portuguese and chinese companies. well, the portuguese mother-company decided to sell their part of the joint-venture and thus all the portuguese people that was working there left the company and with me was no different.
...but and most unfortunatelly this happen just before the olympics...so i didn't had the chance to live it...was really a pitty!

...after 19 months of china all i can say is that I LOVE CHINA!

...and, definetely, i want to live there again someday!


再见北京 Goodbye Beijing

再见中国 Goodbye China

告别我的朋友 Farewell my friends

it was a pleasure...a big lession...a huge oportunity...a big adventure...and I WILL COME BACK...

to all my true chinese friends and all of the great friends i made i beijing a very big kiss and hug...AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL THE MOMENTS!

i will let you know about my next adventures....here!

cheers...and hail CHINA....thank you CHINA and CHINESE PEOPLE

luiza @ beijing

my father Gualberto, my sister Luíza and me...such a nice time we spent together!

better late than ever, right?!?!?

last weekend of march i received a very special visit for the weekend in beijing...
...and who can be more special than my small sister Luíza! my 3 year old brasilian sister has come with my father to spend the weekend with me at beijing, can u believe it?

it was a great great great weekend spent in family!!!

first thing i did was to pick up luíza and bring it to my company and let my colleagues and friends know her!...

later i made a home dinner for all of us....since luíza was already in china the previous two weeks and let's say that she isn't the biggest fan of chinese food...so she was really needing a brother-home-made-pasta!

first a little chat before dinner...:D

than a little dance to open our apetittes

than a nice italian pasta

and desert....ice cream of course!

next day morning (saturday, march 29th, 2008) we went to beijing blue zoo to see fishes and see animals.
my father, Marilu (Luíza's mother), and my sister

in the afternoon we tried to go to the forbidden city but it was already too late and the weather wasn't too good...so we went to see the tiananmen square!
but once we arrived there...and let me tell you prior that tiananmen square always has a lot of persons....a chinese girl notice my sister and ask to take a picture with her since she was so beautiful...and my father allow...3 minutes later we had a crowd sorrounding us asking to take pictures with luíza...just take a look!

...we took almost an hour just to get free of people and continue our walking!

sunday morning we wake up really early and went to a more less isolated part of the Great Wall - MuTianYu...and we were so lucky, great day, great weather and almost no one up there...

...once we got back to beijing...we went to the forbidden city....

what can i say...what a great weekend spent with family....on the other side of the world!!!!...who would have guest this 2 years ago?...

for the rest of the photos .... click here ... or watch the slide just below