Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the end...

dear all,

friends, family, and all of you who followed this blog...
...it's time to inform you that the chinese-beijing chapter of my life has ended by now...
and with it this blog also, so it's time to say goodbyes!

i guess some of you are asking "but why did he left china?"...
...i was working in a joint-venture company between portuguese and chinese companies. well, the portuguese mother-company decided to sell their part of the joint-venture and thus all the portuguese people that was working there left the company and with me was no different.
...but and most unfortunatelly this happen just before the olympics...so i didn't had the chance to live it...was really a pitty!

...after 19 months of china all i can say is that I LOVE CHINA!

...and, definetely, i want to live there again someday!


再见北京 Goodbye Beijing

再见中国 Goodbye China

告别我的朋友 Farewell my friends

it was a pleasure...a big lession...a huge oportunity...a big adventure...and I WILL COME BACK...

to all my true chinese friends and all of the great friends i made i beijing a very big kiss and hug...AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL THE MOMENTS!

i will let you know about my next adventures....here!

cheers...and hail CHINA....thank you CHINA and CHINESE PEOPLE

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Unknown said...

Good luck for everything will happen next.